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I was frozen today

March 11, 2014

Banner_webIn this rendition of “Pure Win Figure Photo”: Cirno, Gensokyos strongest is doing what ice fairy’s do in….uhm, all the time. She freezes stuff. Well, technically we did. But who will care about the minor details if you do have such a cool picture to show you.



Touhou 12.8 The Great Fairy Wars starts at August 13th

July 25, 2010

Cirno finally gets her own game with Touhou 12.8 “The Great Fairy Wars” as ZUN officialy announced on his blog ^~^


Griffon Enterprise’s Flandre Scarlet 1/8

May 3, 2010

I finally got my first Touhou figure from Griffon Enterprises, Flandre Scarlet!

Let’s take a look at our beloved “little Sister of the Devil”


Birthday Spoils part 2 ^~^

November 14, 2009


Its been a while since my birthday was and i got some late (but not less awesome) presents ^~^ (more…)

Reporting from the Akibaferret Outpost in Bad Gleichenberg

September 27, 2009

akibaferretoutpostTwenty days to go till my stay at the health resort is over and im fighting with my equipment again T.T I brought tons of anime series on a usb hard drive but the laptop i borrowed is so weak that i cant watch 90% of the stuff i brought what drives me nuts. Well i managed to build a little otaku outpost in the hotel room so its kinda comfy ^~^ I also use the time to polish my Danmaku skills with the Touhou games i brought. At least the food here is very good^~^

Magazine flood and some figures! ^~^

September 12, 2009

sample_4e1f911d674fd2284e75e4966c2afc0e88d43633I had the chance to gather some nice stuff since the aninite so its time for another “the ferret´s booty” ^~^


Technical Difficulty’s T.T

July 21, 2009


First of all sorry for the long downtime.

As you may have read the camera i wanted to use died a rather pathetic death before its first mission, i tried to get a replacement since then but the one i got faild horribly too. Now i finally got a decent one from my buddy Randolf and it looks like its going to work out well^~^. Im not very good at takeing pictures but i hope they will be good enough for you to enjoy.