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Caught in the gym…

May 29, 2013

Banner_web           In Austria the gymnastics lesson you gain in school are pretty lame. Most of the time you will end up playing dodgeball or soccer. Quite different than in Japan. Their physical education is a big thing and almost a part of the culture. In almost every Anime you can see the protagonists wearing the typical P.E. uniforms and the of course their bloomers – also a very symbolic item in our “Otaku culture”



Magazine flood and some figures! ^~^

September 12, 2009

sample_4e1f911d674fd2284e75e4966c2afc0e88d43633I had the chance to gather some nice stuff since the aninite so its time for another “the ferret´s booty” ^~^


AniNite 2009

September 2, 2009


This weekend was the “AniNite” in Vienna, the biggest Anime convention in Austria. I was part of the crew as Security again like every year and it was much more fun than the last 2 years ^~^.


Chara-ani´s Shana & Kazumi Yoshida 1/8 Figures

August 9, 2009

shana bannerThis times figure review will be Chara-ani´s Shana & Kazumi Yoshida from the series” Shakugan no SHANA second” They both come in their Gym class uniform with a little unique “extra” ^~^


Mini Tsundere and G´s COMIC Festival! with Dakimakura cover ^~^

August 5, 2009

booty2 banner

Today i was in vienna again at the “Planet Japan”. The weather was really bad it was pouring like crazy, but thats nothing a real Otaku would let get between him and his Bishoujo goodness. ^~^