Hello, my name is Edi Edhutschek. I’m an Austrian Otaku as well!

Most of the pictures you will see on this blog were taken by me. Perhaps it will disappoint you to hear that I’m not half as Anime addicted as my friend Ohki Kaze. If everyone sit at home and watching series or playing games, I’m on the road with my camera/camcorder or I spend hours in front of the PC and create some works.

So maybe I’m not always that up-to-date I should be. Hope you can accept me as well.

About me:

If you read the characteristics found out by Dr. David Weeks about “Eccentrics” on Wikipedia, 95% of them will match with my behaviours Further I’m fascinated by the Japanese pop culture since the age of 12. There style of art and animation is so great that after ten years, I still love to read Manga or watch Anime.

If you are interested into my work or further details you can find me on various social networks (except Facebook – I hate it to death) by type in the user name “edhutschek” Since I call myself a “Me Incorporated” I only use one Nickname around the interweb.

As you may notice from the picture, my preferred photo gear comes from Canon. I use Canon DSLR’s and Camcorders since I’m 14 years old – so I got used to it. I’ve all the glasses from 16mm up to 400mm, but most of the images are created with a 90mm macro lens, a 180mm macro lens or the 90mm tilt and shift lens.

Me and Ohki:

We met each other a long, long time ago in a comic store, that doesn’t even exist anymore. Our friendship grew along the time by sharing the same interest and activities  I am always on the lookout for interesting people – and I not often met a guy who is that loyal to his beliefs and dreams.

Once more: Please forgive about my bad English. It’s not my native speech, but I will give my best that you can understand what I’m trying to tell.


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