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Akibaferret is back full force! ^~^

April 10, 2011

Hey Everyone Ohki here!

Its been a while since the last post but dont worry were not dead!

Sorry about the long downtime, were going to get the old gears spinning again to bring you all the nice stuff an Otaku heart desires like: Anime and Otaku Subculture News, Figure reviews, Photoshootings, Convention reports and some new Categories i will announce shortly.

If someone is still interested in our little blog after that rather long break, thank you very much for your support ^~^



March 21, 2010

Hello everybody! I’m edhutschek(edi) the new co-host on Akibaferret!


Late Happy 2010 and no im not dead (yet)!!!

January 8, 2010

Hey i hope good old Santa brought you some nice stuff and you didn’t lose a hand because of cheap fireworks ^~^

Now that all those pesky holidays are over and we even have a new decade my New Year resolution is to make Akibaferret grow and be much more active (hopefully). I’m thinking about new things to post and i guess i will start with a new section about what series i watch right now and stuff like this. I would like to do some outdoor stuff too except that i don’t live in Tokyo but in lolEurope next to Snorevienna so i guess it wouldn’t be very interesting for you except for some special places.

If you have suggestions what you would like to see on the site please leave a comment ^~^

Happy Birthday to me~~~

October 2, 2009

P1010015Yesterday was my birthday and since im still at the health resort i celebrated a little with konata and miku lol.   (more…)

Reporting from the Akibaferret Outpost in Bad Gleichenberg

September 27, 2009

akibaferretoutpostTwenty days to go till my stay at the health resort is over and im fighting with my equipment again T.T I brought tons of anime series on a usb hard drive but the laptop i borrowed is so weak that i cant watch 90% of the stuff i brought what drives me nuts. Well i managed to build a little otaku outpost in the hotel room so its kinda comfy ^~^ I also use the time to polish my Danmaku skills with the Touhou games i brought. At least the food here is very good^~^

My new MMO obsession, LaTale ^~^

August 21, 2009

latale bannerSome days ago my friend Sat invited me to the new free MMO LaTale Europe by Aeria Games. I really got hooked and having a lot of fun with my Wind Wizard. Let me Introduce her to you…


Project Monster Hunter Gathering Hall Vienna

July 30, 2009

mohan post bannerOne of my currend projects is the organisation of a Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Gathering Hall in vienna ^~^. I liked monsterhunter since i played the first on my PS2, and now Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the PSP finally arrived in Europe and im playing it together with some friends of mine. (more…)

The Otaku´s lair, part 1. ^~^

July 26, 2009

Q7250124Today was a fun day^~^. My pal root came over with his photo equipment and helpd me with some pictures for my first figure reviews. While we were at it i thought “why not take some pics of my desk and post them as well?”.


Technical Difficulty’s T.T

July 21, 2009


First of all sorry for the long downtime.

As you may have read the camera i wanted to use died a rather pathetic death before its first mission, i tried to get a replacement since then but the one i got faild horribly too. Now i finally got a decent one from my buddy Randolf and it looks like its going to work out well^~^. Im not very good at takeing pictures but i hope they will be good enough for you to enjoy.