I was frozen today


Banner_webIn this rendition of “Pure Win Figure Photo”: Cirno, Gensokyos strongest is doing what ice fairy’s do in….uhm, all the time. She freezes stuff. Well, technically we did. But who will care about the minor details if you do have such a cool picture to show you.

As you might have already figured out, this project isn’t about the Nostalgia Critics best catchphrases – it is about “playing around with ice for your figure photos”. Because ice is an element (well it’s lesser an element than more one of the four fundamental states of matter) I desperately wanted to include into one of my projects. So the “Cirno ice photo” as the draft title goes, was one of our longest planned ideas ever. First we were not sure how to do it, than we didn’t find an affordable figure of “the strongest” and furthermore the winter here in Lower Austria is terrible – and by terrible, I mean “terrible not so cold…all the time”.


So hoping for natural ice in big junks during the months December to February is more like gambling. Fortunately we had a big chest freezer. So creating ice whenever, wherever wasn’t the problem anymore. The bigger problem was to control the freezing, and as you can see it didn’t go as well, as we expected. One of our three frozen Nendos tipped over during the freezing process. So you can only see two of them, in the final picture. (Poor little Mikuru T.T)


On the other hand, with the whole trio, Haruhi, Yuki and Mikuru in the background, the picture might have become unbalanced. So let us pretend that is was all planned to happen from the beginning.  Also planned from the beginning was, that we will use knoff-off Nendoroids aka bootleg figures for the frozen party. First of all because we don’t give damn, if those figures get damaged and secondly for the symbolism that the original will always stand victorious against the fake.


In fact, this set of three more or less pose able figures were Ohkis first contact with “Nendoroids” and turned him away from this figure line for a long time. Only after he first touched a real licensed Nendo from Good Smile Company years after, he became a big fan of the brand. So please, if you want have full poseability, the best finish you can get and ball joints and sticking parts that actual holding the damn thing together, go for the original. Sadly in some countries like ours, the bootleg version isn’t even cheaper than the original product, in order to hide his fakeness.


But now, let’s move on to the fun part: The photo! We did it in our yard as soon as darkness fell. The outside temperature was about 6-4 degrees with almost zero wind. So it was the perfect night to take this shot: Cold enough, that the ice will stay in shape and not so ass freezing that it will infect our moral or worse our equipment. We built a set on a rail, so that we were able to floodlight the whole thing from below with a studio flash. Also we tinted the light to a cold looking blue by using plastic foils.


Since the ice was very, very cold and solid (straight out of the freezer) you can easily modify it by using hot water or even a gas burner. The spectacular thing about the gas burner, we didn’t see coming, was the fact that the gas mixed up with the melting water and set the whole wall on fire.  So that we obtain a cool looking blue and orange colored picture, or as we call it the “Battlefield Effect”


We also tried a couple of other angles, with different poses and faces – but since it became later at night and we woke the neighbors with our constantly flashing studio lights, we soon decided to give it a rest, once the main motive was done.


In conclusion we are satisfied with the result and we experienced that ice, really is a cool material for your figure photos to work with. So give it a try by your own next winner or just do whatever frozen things will do in summer. And yes – we also watched Disneys Frozen this weekend.


And yeah, there won’t be a “making off” video for this time – that’s also the reason why this article is a bit more stretched out. But hopefully next time we once again have our camcorder ready to shoot some stuff for another “Pure Win Figure Photo” – until than: Take good care and enjoy the spring time

Edi Edhuschek


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