Battle of Ages


 BannerThe question was: Can you only photograph the shadow of a figure? And after our last session I now know, yes you can! For a „Pure Win Figure Photo“ this might be a little bit unusual, since the final result doesn’t even show the figures, but  it was also a neat experiment to try out.

The premise is rather strange, since normally in still photography you want to get rid of all the shadows, that might fall on your background. You also want to have the light as soften as you can get. But lately I did realize that in my big empty studio room, some really cool shadows can be cast onto these white walls. So I played along a bit.


For example, this was my profile picture on Twitter for Halloween. It is a montage, like our figure photo but the base is still a real shot from the camera.

I thought to myself: Wouldn’t it be a great idea to take some pictures of figure shadows as well?  So I called my friend Ohki over and let him bring two of his Figma action figures. The Black Rock Shooter (SP-012) and the Dead Master (SP-013) to be precise. Although you can do this with any kind of Figma, Nendoroid or Statue, but we choose those booth characters because they are very popular have very distinctive mold.


Basically what we did was: Place the two like they would fight against each other – because, you know this is what they do all the time – fighting and stuff. And pose it like they are about to clash into each other. With a little practice this is an easy task to be done, because the Figma line gives you fully control over your figure.


Than we set up the studio flash, but we only used the spot light. That was enough and you gain better control about the output. I guess the hardest part was to find an angle for the camera between figures and wall. Since I do not want to interfere with the light I placed the camera above the scenario and used a wide angle lens to cover it all.


The shooting itself was quickly done, and also – thanks to the RAW format, the postproduction didn’t take very long as well.Battle of Ages

The final picture you can see above is heavily edited and more like a graphic. But honestly, this is what I’ve expected it to look like. I didn’t thought that it would be groundbreaking but the final result come along very stylish. And since I didn’t found that much shadow photos on the internet, maybe it is inspiring for someone else to try it out.

If you are even more curious about the accrual of this graphic photo, check out our making of video – what is basically this this text review in motion pictures with slightly more gags in it.

So, hopefully this was just the start for PWFP in 2014 and there are more pictures to come.

Take good care

Edi Edhutschek


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