Caught in the gym…


Banner_web           In Austria the gymnastics lesson you gain in school are pretty lame. Most of the time you will end up playing dodgeball or soccer. Quite different than in Japan. Their physical education is a big thing and almost a part of the culture. In almost every Anime you can see the protagonists wearing the typical P.E. uniforms and the of course their bloomers – also a very symbolic item in our “Otaku culture”

Another figure photo which I have in mind for a long time. And come to think of it, my first picture featuring two “models” at the same time. Little Shana and Kazumi came in a set and are sold by the company “Character and Anime Dot Com”. Never heard of them before!? Me neither, but here is the link to their official homepage. The figures do have this unique gimmick, that the bloomers are made out of rubber, so you can exchange, stretch and even take them off.


The reason why it took me so long to do this photo was simply because I never took my time to craft those needed, scaled gymnastic apparatus. Even if they are not hard to craft, the material is not that expensive and I did found a guide (more like a picture) on the internet how to make them, I was unwilling to spend two afternoons in my workshop. In May 2013 I finally was encouraged enough to sit down and start working. Here are two pictures, showing me working on my 1/8 scaled gym furnishings – oh boy, I do have a weird hobby…

Makingof02_webMy drill pierces the battens!

Makingof01_webStill I don’t know why I crafted the gymnastic box fully functional…

After the props were done, the rest of the picture was really easy to realize. Just placing all the objects on my photo table, setting a studio flash as my main light and some smaller lights for reflections. I also hung on some tiny rings from above, like steady rings from a real gym.


Especially proud I’m about my self-made gymnastic mats. Most guides will just simply use foam rubber because it is easy to handle and cheap. But I actually used cardboard and leatherette for an even more realistic look.


Here you can see a close-up from the box – that is as mentioned above, fully functional. I know that the dark brown color is a bit off, but the natural wood grain was all soiled with glue and dirt, so I decided to paint all the apparatus “dark brown”. And since the gym dresses and the skin of the figures are very pale, it does give a nice contrast.



Before we come to the final “Pure Win Figure Photo”, let’s take a closer view at Shana and Kazumi. Even if the manufacturing company is not so well known, the figures in this set are very well sculptured and the base, representing a fake hardwood floor is really nice too.


The back view of our two little girls:


And now it is finally time for the real “Pure Win Figure Photo” called: Caught in the gym…


And if you are a friend of internet Memes you might be giggling about this little extra photo. It totally made our day at the shooting session!


If you interested, you can also watch the “making of” for “Caught in the gym…” – what is pretty much this article in a video form – but with a bit additional information and little jokes in it:

 Ok, guess this wrapped it up for today – hope you enjoyed it and I will see you next time for another “Pure Win Figure Photo”!

 Edi Edhutschek


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