Gentlemen’s, please start your engines! Spring is around the corner and all the great motor racing seasons are about to start, or started a few weeks ago. So how do you like our new grid girl for the Yamaha MotorGP racing team this year!? I do not know about you, but if reality would be anything like this, I definitely would turn on my TV and watch every single race of those!

In December 2010 Banpresto did release a Lucky Star Racing Queen set in the Japanese Ichiban Kuji Lottery. The raffle prize was about 800 Yen and one of those four figures were the main prices. And while Kagami, Miyuki and Tsukasa did have their sunshades closed, Konata is outstanding with here open shade and the white and blue outfit. So beside she is the main character of the show and set aside my love for the other three girls, in my opinion she is simply the best figure in this set. Also it is wonderful to see how much details Banpresto sculptured into this small piece of PVC. So you even have metal- colored zippers on the back of her boots, a racing logo on the back of the top and accurate strings and cords that fit the umbrella.


Ohki did buy this figure a while ago when it came out and I did have the idea for doing this, or a similar picture for a very long time too. But originally my first intent was to do this on an actual racetrack for radio-controlled cars with a model car in the background. But as you can imagine it is nearly impossible to get a detailed modelled car in 1/8 that is affordable. There are a few assembly kits, but they might be three times as expensive as the figure you bought at a reseller. And if you do it with a right sized and affordable R/C car the body of the car would be plain and without any great amount of details.


So I ended up with: Take a bike instead and also craft a section of a racetrack by yourself. Lucky I did found a guide on the internet how do craft curbs out of acrylic paste. The guide was originally written doing this for a Carrera race track, but it worked well for me too.  After I did finish the preparations on the fake racing track, the only thing left to do was to wait for suitable weather conditions. What meant: Not too sunny, otherwise our little Konata will melt away on the hot asphalt, less wind and no rain – all this on a weekend of course! And last weekend I did get an almost perfect day that allowed me to realize my vision of this racing picture.


On a parking lot in an industrial area we spent an afternoon preparing the set and taking the photo. Since we were well prepared the whole shooting didn’t last long and since outdoor “missions” are always kind of unpredictable, I’m glad that finally everything is done. Here you can see the final picture after a few corrections on the PC:


And since this is the first time on our show, that Ohki and I did own the exact same figure, of course we couldn’t resist to do this “twin” shot with two Konatas:


 If you interested, you can also watch the “making of” for “Pole-Position” – what is pretty much this article in a video form – but with a bit additional information and little jokes in it:

 Ok, guess this wrapped it up for today – hope you enjoyed it and I will see you next time for another “Pure Win Figure Photo”!

 Edi Edhutschek


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