Neon Night-Rider



What do you receive when combining a fog machine with a sophisticated heat beam!? The answer is: Flaming Peppermint! I borrow a laser device from a friend of mine and try to reenact the Futurama opening scene. I did a pretty will job but for some unknown reasons there is a weird looking girl in my composition. Well, I just dealt with it.

I have to say: This was a very “quick” picture. Considered that our process of buying a figure, getting an idea up to the final shooting normally takes month, sometimes even years – this really was a fast one. Ohki did buy this Good Smile Company figure of Hayakawa Yuzuko in a quite broken box, at last year’s Dokomi in Germany and is still troubled by knowing almost nothing about the series.  It almost drives him crazy to own a figure and not be able to read the Manga since Yuzukos story (first released in2008) is not translated yet to English – neither by fans nor through an original release.


The concept for this photo came to me very quickly. While thinking about what we already did use to create our pictures the idea of using laser beams came along. The only problem was to find a laser strong enough, to at least be visible on film while using smoke.  So, a normal laser pointer won’t do the job and I do not possess any other ones.

Luckily I friend of mine who also is a big figure collector, owns one of this little party laser devices that allows you to project fancy light symbols to your wall. The cone the laser came up from the lens was absolutely perfect for our needs. So I borrowed the laser and got to work.


First we did set up Yuzuko and the black background, customized our fog machine with a vacuum cleaner hose and create a little window into the beams by using a single match. After a couple of sessions we figured out that the picture would look even more stunning by illuminate her hairs with a bright LED light.


We had to be very carefully about our main light for the composition. The light had to be placed between figure and laser. Because otherwise the laser beams wouldn’t be visible anymore – not even through the fog. So the only thing I could use to light up this scene was a small flashlight and an over long exposure time. But that was also kind a tricky since we had to hit the break point in the exposure between “being too dark” and “not seeing single laser beams anymore” I do think the choice of two seconds was a good midway.


The final picture (as seen above) turned about really stylish and at any rate better than expected. Hell, even my mom does approve it and says “It’s one of your better shots.

If you interested, you can also watch the “making of” for “Neon Night Rider” – what is pretty much this article in a video form – but with a bit information to the show and little jokes in it.

 Ok, guess this wrapped it up for today – hope you enjoyed it and I will see you next time for another “Pure Win Figure Photo”!

 Edi Edhutschek


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