The choice of Steins;Gate


Hello and happy New Year to everyone! Of course we will continue to do high quality and creative figure photos in 2103. Starting right now with a long-planned subject: Kotobukiyas 1/8 scaled figure Makise  Kurisu from the visual novel Steins;Gate. So if you have a little time to spare I will show you how we realize our:
“Choice of Steins;Gate”

Short after the purchase, back in January 2012 Ohki came to me and told me that we have to do a picture on this one. He even already had an idea for a setup. Totally hyped by the visual novel Steins;Gate at this time, he wanted to have Nixie Tubes as a major decor for the photo motive. Nixie Tubes are electronic devices for displaying numbers, letters or other information. Those are used back in the fifties, in a time when LED or LCD displays aren’t invented yet – mostly for science and military technical equipment. And those small light bulbs are used in the series by Okabe –
he builds a divergence meter out of it.


Here you can see the divergence meter from the series.

By today original Nixie Tubes from this time period are very hard to get and might be expensive. Hobbyists still can buy replicas and replacements on the internet – for example, to build a digital clock. But since Nixies are electronic devices and not just ordinary light bulbs you have to know at least basics about electro mechanics and need skills to solder transistors and conductors onto a panel. Sadly, both I do not possess.


So I was forced to think about another realization for the motive of time traveling and mystery science. Briefly I came up with the idea of putting the whole figure into some kind of jar, shaped as the tube of a Nixie, but ultimately ended up  by using illuminated wire (designed for remote control cars) to stylize the glow discharge.  Those wires are cheap, easy to use and the composition of Kotobukiyas Kurisu gave us the opportunity to place it underneath the cogwheels.


Here you can see how the wire looks mounted to the figure in a dark surrounding. We realize that even for a standalone deco this is pretty neet. Plus, you can set it to blink for an even cooler look. After the shooting we decided to but her back into the shelf, leaving the wire attached.


For a complete photo setup we also added a couple of clock hands and three tiny hour glasses. The hour glasses I bought fairly cheap on Ebay. These are components from set of miniature figures, used back in the late seventies and early eighties, to display them into a showcase or for a doll house. By the way: All of those miniatures are extremely handy if you do figure photos like I do.


In order to have the hour glasses falling or floating close to the figure we used some wire and a pice of mesh fence to set it up. Of course I had to touch up the final picture afterwards on the PC to remove the wire and the small wooden bars.


And after a couple of hours, this is the final result. Everything worked our fine and we were even able to capture this slight glow onto film.

If you interested, you can watch the “making of” for “The choise of Steins;Gate” – what is pretty much this article in a video form. But with a bit information to the show and little jokes in it.

Ok, guess this wrapped it up for today – hope you enjoy it and I will see you next time for another “Pure Win Figure Photo”!

Edi Edhutschek


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