Shattered Dreams



Puella Magi Madoka Magica was one the more recognizable and most successful Anime series back in 2011. No wonder that “Good Smile Company picked up the brand and released a bunch of high grade Madoka figures. One of them, is the main character herself: Kaname Madoka.

And almost two years after the series aired in Japan, we took us time and create yet another “Pure Win Figure Photo”. The reason why it took us so long to come up with this picture, even she was released in January 2012, is that I wasn’t capable to figure out a proper way of creating the stained glass. -Naturally my first idea was to craft a real stained glass as seen in various churches. But I soon realized that this would be far beyond my skill and the right materials are expensive and hard to get.

My second thought went in the direction of colored foils or thin paper. But I was afraid that those wouldn’t have the right finish – not even on a photograph. Luckily a good friend of mine and gifted craftsman in all fields, gave me the tip to do it with window colors. And indeed – after a little research and testing the results was very satisfying.


Here you can see Madoka standing in front of our big main glass window – inspired by the “Sakura Church” from the series.
I also used a golden colored subsoil to be even nobler. But of course, that alone won’t pass through for a “Pure Win Figure Photo”



So I added a few glass shards to the composition, to play with the depth of field aspect. Also I did use my 50mm 1.2f lens in order to create an image with minimal focus, since the self-made stained glass wasn’t flawless.


This is the final front view of the setting and I was surprised how well it looked and how the light refracted through all the glass layers.


This is the final picture after post production and all regular retouching’s. I really like those warm colors and the flare points.

If you are curious about a more detailed “making of” you can check out this little video we made:

Also I take this snapshot from an early Miku Hatsune Figma (No. 14) in allusion to “World is mine” – but it didn’t turn out so well ^^°


Ok, guess this wrapped it up for today – hope you enjoy it and I will see you next time for another “Pure Win Figure Photo”!

Edi Edhutschek


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