Queen of the hill


A figure photo with nearly 20.000 calorie, enough sugar for a whole caries family and so much carbohydrates it will definitely pump up your blood sugar! And on top of it, the eye candy itself: Shinobu Oshino from the hit series Bakemonogatari.

 As you can see on this site or the YouTube channel, the last “Pure Win Figure Photo” is was long ago. Almost one year. But I was damn busy with all my video projects, convention appearances and audio recordings. I really wish to have more time for taking photos of anime figures and other stills. But those are also very time-consuming if done nicely and clean.  And sometimes I do get a figure and spare time but can’t figure out any creative idea for a picture. But on the other hand those shoots are worth the effort and a ton of fun to realize. In order to have more motivation in the future I build up an entirely new studio set up, bringing together all the stuff, I collected and buy over the last three years.

On this picture you can see the current main setup with a couple of lights and flashes. It is much larger than the old one and hopefully it will fit all my requirements

 To inaugurate this new setting I decided to take a picture from my latest “Good Smile” purchase – Shinobu Oshino.

My first Idea to create a chocolate egg or cave for here by using this balloon technique didn’t work.

I’ve tried it, but failed hardly. In the end I did manage to create a nice looking spiked shell but I wasn’t able to remove the balloon afterwards. In fact it went so badly, one of the balloons burst with nearly 200 gram chocolate on it.

This is me, after surviving the chocolate bomb!

So I was forced to go back to the white board in order to come up with a better and smarter idea. Since it was enough sugar and chocolate left I decided to only use smashed pieces instead of the bubble. The result as you can see is also quite stunning

I am especially proud of the background of this one. Technically these are only 3-4 sheets of pink tissue to wrap a present or something. But illuminated from the back it gets this amazing gradient from yellow to magenta. It worked out just like I thought it would do.

This is another picture of the construction, taken from above. Here you can imagine how much bars of chocolate we used. I do like that the whole setting has those golden, brown colors.

Even if the figure is easy to assemble, you have to pay attention to the details, like the helmet. It is important that those removable items are attached to the figure in the right angle.

And since the helmet can be removed, this is a perfect opportunity for doing silly stuff.

To keep the series going we also film the “Makin of” process and create this short video clip for your entertainment:

Ok, guess this wrapped it up for today – hope you enjoy it and I will see you next time for another “pure WIN figure photo”!

Edi Edhutschek


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