The new Celestian Seraph


It was a long and hard road for our little Flonne here – from being a trainee angle, to almost become a demon, over suffer as a fallen angel to finally being the new ruler of Celestia. So all hail to the new Seraph!

When I took a picture of this figure back in 2008, it was one of my first attempts by using the new photo table and the studio light set up. So the result wasn’t that spectacular and in my opinion Flonne deserves a much more WIN figure photo than this one. So I came back to my old vision of putting here on top of a pillar reaching out in the sky. In 2008 I might have this idea but neither the time nor the props to realize such an image.

This is the image from 2008. I still love how soft the structure of the surface looks like in this picture.
But beside of that it’s nothing really special about it, which made this an outstanding piece of photography. But anyhow the picture does his way into the old figure calendar I designed back in 2009.

I was very lucky to found this small sized pillar on ebay for a few bucks, that is originally designed to have as a candlestick.
It was not easy to find something in this particular size. Most of the pillars you can purchase are for room decoration and much taller and more expensive. Also I found some sort of aquarium gimmicks that are mostly looking cheap and are mostly even smaller than the figure itself.

And finally I got myself a fog machine! I figured out that both, water and smoke are two very creative elements you can often use on pictures. So I guess soon you will see more pictures where I use this machine.  (Also since we was able to fix it and not bring it back to the store)

And so this is the finaly picture! I’m pretty happy with it and it definitely represents my style of working in these days.  The one from 2008 isn’t that bad, but this is a picture unique and memorable.

And if you are watching the “making of” video we did, you can find out why there was no chance to shot portraits or even scene pictures this time.
(And how Ohki tricked me, to make those Steins;Gate nendoroid photos)

So here we go…..your beloved Steins;Gate – satisfied?

(Hmmm…did you get it……butterfly……effect…..)

Ok, guess this wraped it up for today – hope you enjoy it and I will see you next time
for another “pure WIN figure photo”!



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One Response to “The new Celestian Seraph”

  1. ohkikaze Says:

    very satisfied ^~^
    great choice for the background

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