Pure WIN figure photos – “Drop that Stuff”


When the newsletter from the shop pops up on my screen and I saw this figure, an idea for a picture came to me immediately.  I wanted to have here, and I wanted to have here now. Even if I didn’t know the series or the character. I thought the idea and the style of this figure is just so clever designed that it is absolutely worth the money and the work we put into this picture.

All I konw about Bakemonogatari so far is, that it is an anime with a distinctive visual style, often be uses for AMV. But I never touched the franchise, watch the show or read the novels. Of course, some of the femal charakters are familiar to me, but I sill got no clue what’s going on. And I also had no idea that this figure is top placed on Ohkis wish list to buy and that he liked the series and artist that much – so as you can imagine, he was really envious this photo session.

I search my cupboard drawers for some old and unused school and writing supplies to create a little disturbulenced field around here and use all my colored paperclips I collect by so fare for a colorful surface. And so I was able to build a nice looking picture without spending any money (except for the figure of course) to build my scenery.

Yet my basic vision when I came up with the idea for this picture was, to fasten all those supplies on strings and suspend them in front or behind the figure. But then I was facing two major problems. The first was, how to hang for example a pencil on a string, without looking cheesy  and the second much more grievous problem was that the original items are supposed to fall down from underneath here skirt – but pencils, staplers and other things hanging around on strings will not quite fit this tone. So I quick decided to recreate my vision and arrange all the items in the same way as the original parts.

And finally I decided to use a studio lighting flash again (I haven’t done this for almost one year for a figure picture) to give the picture a more artistic style. Each time it surprises me how good pictures look with only one source of light, a medium sized soft box and an ordinary and crumpled sheet of paper.

The “making of” video we put togehter to give you a  insight look behind the scenes:

I hope all you fans of Bakemonogatrai and Hitagi enjoy the final result, our post and the “making of” video we put together. It was very interesting for me to learn a little bit of a backstory to the series and the character and with the new sequel Nisemonogatari around the series is definitely worth a rewatch. Ohki is still jealous about my new figure and I will see you next time for a pure win figure photo!

Edi Edhutschek


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