The Green Skull of Death


Once a while ago Ohki enlarge his collection of Good Smile Company figures about the Black Rock Shooter and ordered the antagonist of this series „Death Master“. Like the BRS this one has also a stunning quality and the skirt is one of the most detailed I’ve ever seen.

And if you remember our picture “Heavy Rain” we do for the Black Rock Shooter (beside – one of the most well received pictures we’ve done so far) it is clearly, that also this picture has to be something very special and astounding.

The theme to this one was found really quickly since the base is almost the same as the BRS and the tiny skull in here hand gave us the hint to grab up this setting. So we went to one of those stores you can by most each and everything. Fun gadgets, decoration, t-shirts and other weird stuff. They also got those gothic decorations like dragons, skulls and bones.

Take two of those and combine it with the basaltic rocks and tilings from the last time lead us almost to our finished set up.

(The finished picture)

To made the photo even more unique and awesome we add those strings (they should represent cuts made by the big scythe of here) and ensure that both skulls are glowing form the inner side.

This is also the first time we used the time to capture the working process on film to preset you a small “making of” and “behind the scenes” But please so not expect a full tutorial how to but things up or how to shoot the scene. Also we know that our spoken (and written) English is far away, from being perfect, but I guess you can easily follow up.  The reason why we do this in English is simply that we guess, our main fan base and/or visitors to our site and our DeviantART accounts are mostly native English speaking people or at least not German. So be a gent and do not mock because of the speech.

And there is even a second win, when building such a lavish set: You can keep it and improve the look of your figure once she is back in here shelf. Soon we will combine both settings, the one from the Black Rook Shooter and the one from the Death Master to one epic figure diorama. Be sure to don’t miss those pictures!

Until then, see you next time for another “Pure Win Figure Photo”

Edi Edhutschek


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