Brings out the Taiga in you!


Hey guys, long time no see! I had a very busy time editing some videos and stuff. But since I take a look into my figure photo folder for 2011, I just notice that there was ony one picture in it. *bigshock* Time to change this right a way, with the power of a well balanced breakfast of tsuntsun and deredere!

This time I’ll even get you the sun down and only the horizon of imagination is our limit. Taiga, one of the best Tsundere ever created by mankind is now available as a precious figure in 1/8. Reason enough to dedicate here a photo with lots of passion.

As you can see, we lay here on a tiger fur (Captain Obvious at work) and want to creat the look of a plain field in the middle of serengeti, when the sun comes down to rest.

The Pre-Painted PVC Figure by “ques Q” comes along with one extra tail and one extra face. I thought this is a very nice giveaway.  By the words of Ohki Kaze: She is the first Taiga figure, that comes up with the perfect and beloved “Anime face look” rather than the “Manga style version”

And since I know you all love “close ups” – here we go. I do not realy like this kind of pictures, since I spend so much time in creating a solid background, someone should definitely see it. BTW: All this pictures has been taken by a Canon Makro 180mm L lense. This doesn’t prove anything and is just for the “lulz” You know, it still is a safari! And if you wonder how we do all this stuff, feel free to take a look over our shoulders, here is the set:

You see, nothing realy special about it…

Shit, I was using the tube….someone will feel confirmed….

We are closing this session with this shot. It is a littel blurred, but I like the sun on this one!

If there is any doubt about our rating on this figure, it is a solid “B” for: Buy this shwank soon! See you later folks at the next “pure win figure photo”

Edi Edhutschek


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