Introducing Settlements for FFXIV


Patch 1.18 will see multiple settlements erected at various locales across Eorzea.

Care to learn more about these hubs of adventure? Then read on.

Introducing Settlements (07/19/2011)

Settlements take on various shapes and forms, and are intended to serve as landmarks and bases of operations for adventurers. Future patches will usher in more features to enhance their practicality, with each location set to become the backdrop for an assortment of new quests.

The Black Shroud

Buscarron’s Fold
A solitary shack situated at a glade along the Lumberline and serving as a watch house, the care of which has been passed down through the Buscarron line for generations. To this day, members of the family keep vigil over the road’s security, all the while maintaining a life of self-sufficiency.
The Hawthorne Hut
A trappers’ hut named for the legendary Hawthorne, scourge of the mountains. Now residing there is his descendant Rolfe, a retired adventurer of some repute, who is joined by his loving wife and daughter. Together they welcome all travelers with open arms and heartfelt hospitality.
La Noscea
A young colony established on the Vylbrand frontier, named for the rocky stuff that pervades its soil. Owing to the backbreaking efforts of resourceful settlers, what little arable land that exists was made to yield a modest crop of fruits and yams alongside lavender and other rugged native species.
Red Rooster Stead
Established by a botanist as an experimental farm, the homestead hosts myriad agricultural undertakings such as the selective breeding of livestock and the research of foreign produce. Its proximity to kobold territory has given the residents no recourse but to turn to pirates for protection.
Mythril Pit T-8
The site of a mythril prospecting operation under the management of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern. Miners and guardsmen alike have taken up residence in the lone habitable structure there, an abandoned inn that had not seen use since hostilities erupted with the Amalj’aa.
The Coffer & Coffin
An inn frequented by trade caravans, its name derived from a folk song which tells of an optimistic man bound for Ul’dah. The traveler drags along a stout chest, which will become either a coffer to hold his winnings from the gambling dens, or a coffin to bear his own lifeless corpse home.
In addition to the above, beast tribe settlements will also be implemented in patch 1.18. And by way of a sneak preview, imposing strongholds and larger settlements of the beastman persuasion are slated to appear in 1.19—a development that could only bode ill for the peace and prosperity of Eorzea.

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One Response to “Introducing Settlements for FFXIV”

  1. edhutschek Says:

    In my opinion SE did two major mistakes during the release of the game:

    first: global launch
    The game was so incomplete and full of bugs, that you might get the idea, that
    SE wants the actual customer to do the beta test.
    And western players are not that tolerant if it comes to those terms.
    You might be able to do this in Japan, like in the past with FFXI, but for me, the global launch was the worst decision they can do.

    second: extreme high system requirements
    The game has indeed the best graphics I’ve ever seen in a MMORPG.
    But the price SE had to pay for this shiny optic is, that at this time only a limited amount of players had access to this high-resolution look, cause of there outdated pc systems. And if you stroke the nice graphics, noting that really can hold on to other top MMORPG will be left.
    It might be a better way to lower the requirements and set the option to patch the graphics later on.

    Today I do some research on the topic FFXIV and found an article about a Japanese guy who found out that SE only records aprox. 17.000 unique IDs.
    I can’t say if this is true or not but 17.000 unique players (worldwide?) is NOTHING.
    The half a million of FFXI wasn’t that much but this is horrible.
    And this under consideration that it is free to play at the moment and was released almost one year ago.

    It is sad, because I can totally see this games potential and I want to play it someday when it is fully patched, well developed and released on PS3.

    I always liked the atmosphere and the game design in FFXI and I was so glad that they keep the style up in FFIV.

    Hopefully the FF (XI?) community is strong enough to keep the game alive and SE doesn’t drop the hot plate to the ground because this game really got a lot of potential.
    FFXIV in five or six years might be the MMORPG, FFXI is today – a full-fledged game with a little outdated graphic engine -if they only put enough efforts in it.

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