Made in Japan 2011 – Impressions


Sorry for the little delay ^~^

Here are some impressions and cosplayers of this years Made in Japan

Looks Like Deneb was there too lol

Yoroshiku YUUTO!

(yes it was me lol gotta love the Den-o!)

Hau hau Nipaaaah

I can show you the wooorld… you activated my traaap caaaard…

playful shanks^^


that one looks pretty sweet^^

Shirokus performance was pretty sweet

i bought her cd and she drew something on it for me hehe ^^

and i  didnt bring my pokeballs T.T

so many noodles, so little time

i snatched the laminated picture of my beloved shinobu in the background after the con hehe

i like the vampire there (no they dont fuckin sparkle)

HTT GO! ^~^

is it very wrong that im attracted to the bandaid on the knee lol?

curse you FFXI ps2 collectors edition that was too expensive for me for now

but since im basically the only guy in austria (at least it feels like it) that still plays XI i dont think it will be gone soon

yes it was taped lol

love the gloves as a detail

The little matsuri stands were cute

next time i bring pokeballs…

sneaking up behind bunny

i was suprised that they had some pretty fameous musical stars there from “tanz der vampire”


it was good fun^^ till next year MiJ


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4 Responses to “Made in Japan 2011 – Impressions”

  1. Edi Edhutschek Says:

    Nice post my friend and indeed very good pictures you take (with my cam *cough**cough*) Hope I can count on you at Connichi as well!

  2. donsenilo Says:

    Can’t wait to Aninite ^^

  3. Uncivilisable Says:

    how did u scrape ur knee?

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