Square Enix Announces New Final Fantasy Rythm Game for 3DS


So this is what they meant when they were saying that the next Dissidia titles wouldnt be fighting games huh?

Look at this precious little Cosmos and Chaos ^~^

Square Enix has announced in the latest issue of Famitsu that a Final Fantasy based rythm game will be hitting the 3DS .

As you can see Theatrythm Final Fantasy will take on the art style of the adoreable Kindom Hearts Mobile game.

The battle screen looks very familiar to anyone that ever played a Final Fantasy, but instead of the classic ATB system this time you fight your opponents with rythmic button presses.

Im a very big fan of rythm games be it Taiko no Tatsujin, Gitaroo Man, Project Diva or the Rythm Tengoku Series.

Playing it with a button cute lightning to beat up a cuddly Behemoth might be another step closer for me to get myself a 3DS haha.


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