Sonic Generations Demo Hands on opinion.


I downloaded the new Sonic generations demo yesterday on my Xbox360,

i tell you more about it after the jump ^~^

To be honest i never really was a Sonic fan when i was little, i was more in the Mario Faction.

I played every 2d sonic title but i would be stretching the truth if i sayd i know the physics of the original games like the back of my hand.

Its kinda sad that the history of 3d sonic games reads like a history of terrible game development failure (i was so pumped about that trailer of one of the first 3d games where sonic rescued that incredibly cute princess), and even sadder that probably the best of the whole bunch is the one with the “were-sonic”…wtf (and probably colors but i didnt try that yet to be honest).

When i heard about the new game i liked the idea of playing with the old and the new sonic, the same levels we know and love but from a good old 2d (with the old sonic) or 3d (with the new sonic) point of view.

The timed demo right now only lets you play the 2d version of the first stage of the well knowen and loved Green hill zone.

And right when i started to play it i was like, “ooh man yeah THATS Green Hill Zone”, the familiar level tune and a beautifully remade level design. but when i started to move faster i noticed a few little problems, for example that it gets very blurry at a certain speed so its hard to see whats going on around you.

Nontheless we must not forget that this is still an early demo and Team Sonic can still tweak and polish it till its later release date.

I would have liked to try the 3d portion of the game but i guess we have to wait till a little later for that (even thou some guys hacked the demo and found the data for the 3d part in there)

I i will keep my eyes open for further news on this game.

From what i heard from hardcore sonic freaks the physics are still a bit off but not as bad as in Sonic 4.

I personally liked the demo, the redesign was beautiful to look at and the good old level tune (with a few tweaks) sure was a treat. If they just find a way around the extreme blurryness when youre going fast most of my complains would have been solved.


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