Craziness and Passion – are hard to set apart!


An idea we saved for more than one year, a night without sleep, an empty highway, a nest of mosquitoes and a perfect morning for a perfect picture.

Ohki got this ALTER Figure from Teana (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS) for a while. And since I have seen it for the first time it was clear that this one have to go in front of a camera.

And since she is a figure in an action pose knelt to ground level, it is hard to get a good impression from the top view. You must also kneel down to the so called “frog perspective” to have a better view. But since I’m Edi Edhutschek and I like to put things to the limit, why not go a step beyond this and go straight “under the figure”. The basic idea is pretty simple: Place it on a glass plate, mount the camera underneath and mug.

But what is about the three things every photo should contain? Foreground, Motive and Background? Ok, we got our Motive but what is about the other two things? A sky would definitely help. And if we can use a wide-angle lens we might can create a fake foreground by showing one of the limbs.

Ok, a sky and a wide-angle lens – shouldn’t be hard to find.  And since StrikerS is taking place in an urban styled world, modern skyscraper would also look fine I guess.

So I drive to the almost only cool skyline Vienna got to spot a location.

Ok, this might look crappy compared to New York, Vegas or something else, but the figure is small so a single large building should do the job well. On the day I spot the location it was a little windy. A little windy in the CITY. Nearby the towers the wind blows and build a vortex so I can’t move forward. Back home my pin wheel shows up 50km/h wind speed.

Ok, so no wind while shooting….and trust me, in Austria, Vienna you can count the days with zero wind on one hand. Also we should do this in autumn or spring to get a nice colored sky and do not had to worry about direct sunlight from above. But the days went by, time passed and now it is midsummer….

Suddenly it stroke me like a lightning, I want to do this picture – NOW

The weather would be nice, the gear is set, there is a national holiday after sunday and….well it’s summer. So all we have to do is: Stay awake the whole night, move close to sunrise and arrive at the first sun rays.  Oh my, this sounds so easy but yet so hard – especially if you do a barbecue on the day before and get no sleep for the last 24 hours when arriving at the location.  I guess we only survived the ride because we was the only car on the highway for quite a long time. (Ok, what did I expect on a holiday at 04:00 AM)

It wasn’t easy in the first place to get this picture. The slave flash doesn’t work that well, the 800 EUR tripod begs for mercy and we totally step on a mosquito nest or something. At any rate, my legs doesn’t look that well by now. I hope it was worth the effort and you can enjoy the pictures.

This is the main one why we do this photo session. The others are just a bonus since we had to flee from the mosquitos. What I did not expect so much is that the legs were stretched out by using a 14mm wide-angle lens on a full frame camera. So it looks like Teana does a kick or just fly around like a Mecha Musume.

This ends our long planed Teana shooting in Vienna. It was such a fine experience :3

Next time, since it is summer all the time and I don’t want to sit in the stuffy and hot studio we will do a picture with the delicious Ichiban Kuji’s lottery figures: Konata. Stay tuned!


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