Con can’t handle me! – “Chibi Aki Con Review”


There is a small event called “Chibi Aki Con” hosted anualy in Styria. Since I can spend a little spare time I went there. So this was my first “Aki-Con” – let’s see how it went:

Bruck an der Mur – It is a small and peacefull town in the north east of Styria.

A typical place where in the middle of nowhere.

But once a year something is going on in little Bruck. For two days Cosplay folks, Otakus and Animefans storm the city.

When it’s autum and the leaves turn colorful – it is Chibi Aki Con time. Here you can see the entrance of the “Eduard-Schwarz-House”.  A location that is mainly operated by the Austrian Chamber of Labour.

The socialistic aspect of the location is…..well cleary visible ^^

Even if the “Aki Con” is a very small Convention the staff put much efforts in it to entertain the people.

There are all sorts of contet you will expect from an Anime/Manga/Japan Convention – only a little smaller.

There is a single and groupe cosplay contest,…


and of course a games room!

WTF? Please take a look on the left screen. O.o

Also, since they get a nice stage – there where a couple of show groups in the program.

In the past years, someone came up with the idea that every convention needs a “Maidbar” or “Maid-Restaurant”

So also the “Chibi Aki Con” has here o

Ok, just a joke  – this is the real restaurante. And since I’m a nice guy I offer my hands to help out a little bit.

To bad that the “maidoutfit” dosen”t fit that well, so I decided to wear my suit.

Ok, to be honest – not everything is perfect but,…

but with a little improvement here and there,…

the “Chibi Aki Con” is on the best way,…

to become a great convention.

Ok, now a few pictures about cosplay people and friends I know without a subtitle:


Long Bunny is alos long!


Epic win!


Ok, so my journy to Styria ends – hope you like the review and you may hear the roumors that I won the “Seme/Uke” contest  2010 (an “Aki Con” special)

So….what should I say………OBEY my orders!

Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures, since I was on stage but maybe you can browse galleries on Animexx or some video clips on Youtube.

But be awared, this is not for the faint of heart XD


All pictures taken by: edhutschek :3





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