Igen, igen – MondoCon 2010 in lovely Magyarország


Hi everybody – it’s me Edhutschek. This year a -Hungarian Anime Convention invited me to participate in a panel about the international Japanese pop culture scene around Hungary.

Time enough to take some pictures and video clips for a short report.

Since this was my first trip to Budapest and Hungary as well, I was very exited how the scene in Hungary will be.

Here you can see the logo and mascots of the MondoCon 2010.  I like the tubby easter bunny that is printed everywhere. ^^

The MondoCon is hosted by the people behind the Mondo magazine. Hungary’s largest magazine about Anime and Manga. They lend me a copy and I was amazed about the quality and surprised that a print media got a real chance against the almighty internet. If you want to know more about the magazine you can visit:  http://www.mondoweb.hu

On this picture you can see Roland Markovics (left) who is one of the main staff and was responsible to have me in this panel.

The convention takes place at the Expo Area in the center of Budapest. Here you can see the entrance.

This strange sign shows you the way to the expo area.  The only picture I got with a slight blue sky. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great during the weekend.

Since the convention uses the expo area they got plenty of space around. Even the have around 6000 visitors during the weekend you never feel concentrated.

And if you don’t belive the 6000 – take a look at this two pictures for example.

Naturally they got everything you want to have on a convention:

Like a shopping mall….

a video game section…

a DDR area…

and of course a huge stage! The only problem is that all the halls are just plain halls. There are no different levels like in a cinema or theater. So, if you stand far away from the stage like me you probably got problems with the view. But on the other side, because of the curtain all over the sound is very good balanced.

They need the stage to host events like AMV, Showacts and Cosplay contests:

But most of all they need the stage to feature the “Kokia Concert” on saturday:

The concert was amazing and I really enjoy the music. Regrettably the view in one of the last ranks wasn’t that great and it was quite hard to get good pictures. If you want some moving pictures check out this video:

And if you are living in Europe you may can even catch here at here Europe tour in October.

Not to mention that there are also lots of Cosplay boys and girls around. Here are some pictures of them. But I doesn’t take much – you know, I’m not that good in Cosplay photography 😦

The Slovak guys just brought a pedo bear costume – we got tons of fun, especially when we ride the metro with him.

Beside, this is how the metro look like. Very old-fashioned – isn’t it?

I also wanted to take some sightseeing pictures from Budapest themself but unfortunately nothing really special come along my way. With the exception of the main train station in Budapest:

I mean, look at this! We do not have such a beautiful train station in our country O.o

What we got here? Oh it’s the Burger King branch that keep me alive during the weekend. Thank you double Whooper!

Ok, time for me to leave by first class Railjet train – back to Vienna

My conclusion about MondoCon? If you are living in Hungary or around Hungary it’s definitely worth a trip . The prices are low, the got really great AMVs and the community in Hungary is really huge.  I will put MondoCon on my “list” for 2011 🙂

BTW:The free hug (and other “free things”) seems to be a big therm in Hungary. If you do not like it perhaps you stay at home 😉

BTW2: In my October update (available in a few days) I will screen a short video clip about MondoCon 2011 – be sure to check it out!


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2 Responses to “Igen, igen – MondoCon 2010 in lovely Magyarország”

  1. Steve Says:

    Nice report you’ve done there Edi – and of course great photos.

    The con looks really awesome! :3

  2. Steak Says:

    So crazy how anime nerds are all the same no matter where in the world you go. Gogo Otaku!

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