A happy Halloween season!


The spooky and eerily beautiful Halloween season is coming to town! To celebrate this, we took a picture from the first figure that was reviewed in this blog: Hiyori Pixy from Goodsmile Company.

To take this photo, we have to wait a long, long time – almost a half a year! When we do the brain storming for this figure it was soon clear that we have to do something with pumpkins and stuff. But spring isn’t a good time to buy Halloween decorations ^^°

Soon I figured out that there is now real pumpkin that has this typical orange color ans shape that is that small to match with the figure – damn nature! So I’ve to “create” something that nearly look like the pumpkin, pixy wears on the head.

I found this plastic style autumn decoration garland that has nearly the same shaped pumpkins.

But they look way to natural and as I sayed once, finish is everything in product photography.  So we have to repaint the whole thing!

First the stalks…..

and then the pumpkins themselves. I used a normal orange-colored spray can, you can find in every hardware store. But consider to grind all your surfaces whenever you spray something. Since I do only a fine layer of paint around the original color you still can see them a bit shining through.

Finally we try to paint the same face on each pumpkin that is also on Pixy’s heat. As you can see on the far right pumpkin, it did not going well all the time. Finer details are a job for the PC later on.

Okay, next step is the setup for the picture. And since I often mention it, I will show you a good way to hide the base on a picture.

First, measure your base at high and search for things that has extract the same high. Most of the bases are around 5-7mm, so this acrylic glass plates do the job well. Place your base between two plates like in the picture. Only be carefull to rotate the base in the way you want to have it.

Than cover all up with some sheet of carton or paper and search for the horns on your base, mark them and stick through it.

Put your figure back on and: Surprise, Surprise, the base is gone.

Ok, time to arrange to probs and set the lights. As you can see, the background is some sort of solid grey. But in my imagination the background should be bit “blue” like the main coloration of the figure (beside naked skin). Further blue is a good complementary color to orange. I thought it would be cool if the picture is rich and deep in color. I dont want the classical Halloween setup with all this creepy stuff like graves, bones, cobwebs and so on. Only figure and pumpkins – no other organic materials.

This is the picture (taken with a 90mm tilt and shift lens on a Canon 5D) with only the backlight on. Nothing very special, isn’t it? And not a trace of blue…. Time to get the big lights.

Here you can see the total setup. I used one studio flash to illumiate the whole scene. But since the surface of my pumpkins is so damn glossy I can’t use direct light. All the light you can see in the picture was reflected by this light reflector you can see on the bottom. Without it, the scene is almost dark by the same settings on the camera.

Ok, enough babbled – here is the final result of the shooting:

Hope you like the outcome – I am satisfied with it.

Hopefully you have a nice and scary Halloween season with lots of sweets. And we will see us after the next shooting.

Meanwhile keep in mind: It’s all about decent gear and crazy ideas.


BTW: This is for all you ‘”black and white” friends out there. God, with B/W it’s so easy to make very picture look cool. ^^


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