A bath in LCL…..because full containers suck!


Red eyes, red ribbons, red wine – all together a good thing to take a picture.

Rei Ayanami taking a bath in the elixir of life – called LCL.

The summer is almost over and finally we can take pictures in the studio again. Most of the time in summer the room temperature is just over the top and daylight until 10:00pm ruined every kind of light setup. But now we’re back in business and can share pure awesomeness with you.

Normally I’m not a big fan of this NGE-twin figure sets. You know, there was a time, when you can’t buy other figures and it was OK. But since you can get all this fancy looking pvc-statues of every kind of Anime you can clearly see how bad in quality they are.

So what’s the big deal? Well, I got this one in exchange for some other items and totally get an idea for a picture. I take the picture like I want it to do but on the PC my fears come true. The paint job is badly and pouring edges are all over the figure. So Photoshop gets a  lot of work. ^^°

But not only the crafting is badly, look at there pose: (on the first making of picture) She is sitting on the floor in a casual, sweet pose, here dress touches the ground and then look at here legs: They are around 15-20cm away from the ground. So the whole pose looks more like an aerobic workout than a psychedelic pose.

To be fair, this kind of figures do not cost very much. Sometimes you can get them for around 20-30 bucks. But if you want to have both, Asuka and Rei in a collection you can buy almost one “Alter” or “Kotobukiya” for the same amount of money.

Anyway, stop complaining and go to work. Do you remember that red liquid in NGE called LCL. It’s fun, because for me as a freight forwarded, LCL can also stand for “less container load” and in fact I do this every day it’s the first thing I will think about when someone refers to LCL. You may or may not know, but I love to work with liquids in a photo.  It can be smooth, colored and freeze in motion. So there is a ton of possibility you can come up with.

For this photo I went to the store and buy four liter of red wine, toss them into a glass box and lie Rei into this delicious photo background.  I guess colored water will serve the purpose as well but for me I thought that red wine has a finer finish than just water.

And this is the outcome:

From this angle you can’t perceive that the legs are not touches the ground. And we got a gradient from dark red to magenta.

From this high you can get a nice reflection of here face.

But in my opinion it’s not necessary to have a reflection or to see here face. I mean, we all know the face of Rei and without its kind of daring.

And this is the basic idea I came up with. But it’s so hard to catch a good shoot when the water ruffles and the image gets to dark without any sense of red.

It’s not that bad but far away from being unique.

Ok, I hope you like it – In the next few month we will take pictures from new figures we bought in the past – so stay tuned!

BTW: The fumes of the red wine get me dizzy during the shoot – so you can get drunk by only sniff in that stuff.

And the red wine doesn’t leave any spots on here white dress – Ha! Take this real life!


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