Touhou 12.8 The Great Fairy Wars starts at August 13th


Cirno finally gets her own game with Touhou 12.8 “The Great Fairy Wars” as ZUN officialy announced on his blog ^~^

The games story is in relation to the manga ” Touhou Sangetsusei ~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity” written by ZUN and drawen by Hirasaka Makoto where Cirno declares war against Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire. The game will also feature artworks of Hirasaka Makoto. The full version will be released on August 13th-15th at Comiket 78.

Its fun that you can freeze the bullets that you’re supposed to dodge so i guess it will play a little like the Shoot the Bullet games.

If only the game could cool me down as well, its still far too hot here >.<


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4 Responses to “Touhou 12.8 The Great Fairy Wars starts at August 13th”

  1. donsenilo Says:

    Fairy beading the Shit out of each other !!!

    Call me in ^^

  2. Sarrg Says:

    Well fortunently a new touhou this year too :3.
    btw isn’t comiket always from 14th to 16th? Afaik it should be held as always.

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