“Steins;Gate” Anime adaptation announced!


The president of publisher 5pb. Chiyomaru Shikura has confirmed that an anime adaptation of  Nitroplus’ Visual Novel “Steins;Gate” is on the way on his Twitter.

The game was developed and released on the XBOX360 in October 2009. I really liked it since i saw the first pictures of it back in the day because of HUKE’s (most known nowadays for his Black Rock Shooter) stunning visual style.

The game later got ported to PC and received two manga adaptations, one by Sarachi Yomi and one by Kenji Mizuta. It also got a web radio run on HiBiKi Radio station as well as some drama CD’s.

Im really looking forward to this adaptation and i hope they use HUKE’s visual style for it cause i think it fits its mood best.

If you dont know “Steins;Gate” yet here is a Story Synopsis courtesy of Wikipedia:

Steins;Gate is set in the summer of 2010, approximately one year after the events that took place in Chaos;Head, in Akihabara. Physical locales of Akihabara like the Radio Kaikan building can be spotted in the game. According to Chiyomaru Shikura, who headed the planning of Steins;Gate, Akihabara was chosen because it is an easy place for acquiring hardware parts which makes it the ideal place for people interested in inventing and tinkering with things. The notion of time and time traveling are the main themes of the game. The concept of cause and effect is featured prominently in the game as the protagonist travels back in time numerous times to perform different actions in an attempt to alter what has happened in the future.

Here are some final summer greetings ^~^

Austria seriously needs a Beach >.<


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One Response to ““Steins;Gate” Anime adaptation announced!”

  1. donsenilo Says:

    Austria seriously needs a Beach ???

    Im in Karintia and jast can only say, we have enough beach but no pretty girls are there -_-

    So Beach No !!
    More pretty Girls Yes !!

    The DON

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