Disgaea 4 special news delivery! (still rumor thou)


If you like the Disgaea franchise you probably already heard about the official announcement of Disgaea 4, god i cant wait ^~^.  Well a few days ago Nippon Ichi Software  sent a mysterious Picture to Dengeki Playstation Online in form of a summer greeting card, check it out!

Its a new artwork of Takehito Harada or Haradaya as fans know him, the character designer for the disgaea franchise. It shows 4  previously unseen characters so chances are high that they are the main cast for Disgaea 4.

The article on Dengeki Playstation online ends with:

“Could this be “that”? Look forward to a formal announcement!”

and i certainly look forward to it!



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3 Responses to “Disgaea 4 special news delivery! (still rumor thou)”

  1. edhutschek Says:

    Holy, slow down a bit ! I’ve not even played Disgaea 3, I just restart Disgaea 1 on PSP, standing in front of Baal with a level gab of about 2k.

  2. Rhuen Says:

    Actually (four unknown) isn’t accurate.

    the one in back is a Green Skull (a character class since the first Disgaea, although they stopped covering their faces in Disgaea 2).

    the Prinny Girl, is likely a female version of the Prinny Mask hero from Disgaea 3, and I suspect the wolf guy is a male version of the Beast Tamer class.

    which all makes the three in the back character classes, the guy in the middle however looks like a protagonist, so he’s likely a main or near main character.

    • ohkikaze Says:

      ah yeah now that i take a closer look at it youre right ^~^ i really liked the new mage “skull” designes. its nice that the createable characters get some love so early. btw if the nekomata is a DLC again i going to rage >-<

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