MACOnvention 2010


It’s hot, it’s midsummer and it’s anime convention once again – that can only mean one thing: The Maconvention is on the start.

Now let’s take a look what I’ve captured in Linz ^_^

Come on my friendly folks! It’s hunting season again! And don’t forget: Only shoot when you can see that white in here clouds!

Since three years now, the Maconvention is taking place in Linz.  So what can we say about Linz? Well it’s the city Mozart never been there, Schubert not die at and List wasn’t born in. They may be the creators of a special type of hot dog called “Bosner” and “Kafka” and I’ve been in Linz a several times because of my work.

Not so exiting – well, the good thing is that the Maconvention isn’t really in Linz, she is in Linz – Leonding, what is a smaller district to Linz. The Location is very nice. A multifunctional building with two floors, many rooms, a big stage and a restaurant.

As you can see, the sage is very nice and old fashioned like a theatre. The audience is ready – awaiting the Cosplay-Competition.

Nice of them to reserve me a seat! :3

Geez it’s for him!? What did you mean with: Bigger cam then me? That can’t be!

Ok, fine than – let’s take a walk! In the games room you can enjoy the DDR. This time on four  mats – really nice.

No convention without a market place. This time I spend around  110 EUR  T.T

It’s dead Jim!

On the Kasu stand you can learn and play various japanese board games like Mahjong, Shogi, Hanafuda and many more.

YOU SHALL NOT……meh, whatever!

Spotting the list of AMVs :3

This ceiling light is in the main hall and with a few Photoshop work it look’s like….

What a great hidden message! This change my whole theory!

Also solved:  Where in the wold is Carmen Sandiego!?  Ok, now we will look out for Waldo.

Remember the good old day’s when we have no screwdriver – it was such a sweet time!

Hm, it’s seems that they are done with the show – time to go outside and take some pictures of the Cosplayers.

Ezio!  Ti dice dove sono tutti i Akazuki-Cosplayer?

This is such a great cosplay – it truly reminds me of the film.

I’ve never seen a Ghibli group cosplay before – sweet!

A person who is very seriously in wearing a kimono. And this at 30 degrees and more. O.O

Davis and TK – Digimon never get old.

“Taiwan” from Axis Powers Hetalia

Oh, this one is great. To bad most of the present people do not know the series – including me.  Glad I got Google:  Karakuridouji Ultimo

A (very) sexy Asce :3

You know: The Yaoi is everywhere. Fits to the Lecture “Why womans get tuned on by Yaoi”

A near perfect Haydée from Gankutsuō

Bou, former member (guitar) from AnCafe

Cosplayer have to take a picture of herself by using the self timer – the crisis hit us all!

Three girls sitting on….hey, just wait a minute!  Anime conventions can be pretty scary too!

Well, this was a collection of the best pictures I shoot on Linz. Hope you like them and maybe we can meet each other at Maconvention 2011.



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5 Responses to “MACOnvention 2010”

  1. ohkikaze Says:

    good job ^~^
    glad you covered it since i wasn’t able to go myself, maybe i go next year.

    last pic is epic

  2. Pingo Says:

    very nice pics, gj ^^

    ah, @ last pic: nice dress,edi ~(^.^)~

    • edhutschek Says:

      Sorry to disapoint you but this is not me!
      This is the guy commonly known as “that guy that look like ghost of k” XD

  3. Sarrg Says:

    Do you still have the photo, where we arrived at maco (in the car, where we screamed “Edhutschek”) ?

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