Made in Japan 1.0 Cosplay Gallery


It was a great weekend and my body is still in a state of regeneration, that can only mean one thing:


The “Made in Japan” 1.0 in Wr. Neustadt to be exact and what would be a convention without the unique flair only cosplayer can create ^~^ Enjoy!

She even got a cheese kun haha

to be honest this is one of the few cosplays where i have no idea where it comes from but i really like the design of the girl on the left.

Alphonse FTW!

There were some interesting interpretations of the kyubi as well^~^

Kagamine Rin + Fluffy kitty features = HNNNNGGG

Another Kyubi

The pose was nice^~^

They surprised me, you dont see humanoid Pokemon that often except for pikachus

Beach version Ezio (she had the full cos the day before but it too hot) a…Gumba…guy..oohkay and a kyubi all on one picture. you only see that at conventions^~^

I really like the character design here and the details were awesome^~^

this one was very nice too

yo wassup haruhi?

Cho Hakkai was my favorite character in saiyuki, i was kinda shocked when she told me i was one of the few that even knew or remembered that character. I thought saiyuki was more popular over here.

Link and Zelda^~^ “Excuuuuuse me princess.” No not that link. both were very well made and i saw them taking some pictures in different locations when i strolled through the hall (it actually kinda looks like a noble house interior-wise)

I really like that one as well^~^

a little posing

The little beanbag Agumon was adorable

Halibel from bleach^~^ it must have been very hard to breathe under that mask.

oh that was a nice shot

This haruka was nice^~^ she even had the badges on her bag

ehm… ok interesting but a little disturbing

they were a nice match^~^

They actually even had a Maid Cafe. It was very nice but unfortunately i haven’t heard the words Gosyujinsama once so it kinda lacked atmosphere wise.

The maids were cute thou and they drew kittys with chocolate sauce on the spongecakes haha

Hope you liked it^~^ It was the first time i took pictures with Edis Camera so i was a little nervous not to break it. (sometimes it felt like my neck was the first to break thou lol)


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One Response to “Made in Japan 1.0 Cosplay Gallery”

  1. edhutschek Says:

    Wow, Ohki! You did a realy good job for your first time.
    Even if I set the cam and tweak the pictures a bit – very nice!

    You know, cosplay photography is not my territory….if you
    doing that well with my cam, you will save me much time and efforts in Kassel ^^

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