Official Trailer of Pokemon Black & White released!


Gamefreak finally gave us a the chance to take a little peek inside the new world of Pokemon Black & White. Check out the trailer for a a look on some new 5th generation pokemon never seen before^~^

Some of them look interesting, like that black one that looks like a humanoid type with twintails lol but im not really sure if i like the new 3D concept to be honest. I will definitly check it out since i liked every single one of them so far^~^

I already like the female protagonists design lets hope they also bring back some of my old favorites like Gardevoir and Mawile ❤


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One Response to “Official Trailer of Pokemon Black & White released!”

  1. Sarrg Says:

    Yeah, the female protagonist looks pretty cute :3 i think i’ll play her instead of the guy

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