No.1 Delinquent


Summer, sun and school work! Listen to the words of our No. 1 swot Raspberyl from Disgaea 3 and learn what makes a good figure photo.

Ok, since it’s more fun to read about the important points in an alphabet, I creat some ABC-list to follow:

A like: Anything

Anything is possible. There are no rules or regulations in photography. There are some advises you can follow but nothing you have to. Just have fun with it.

B like: Background

Every photo need at least three things: foreground, background and motive. By choosing your background, take care that it doesn’t distract from the real subject. Also choose a background color that enhance the situation you want to show.

C like: Crop

Most of your taken photos will need to be cropped. Someone more, someone less. Try to focus on your main subject (the figure) to guide the viewers eye.  But remember: Always keep a copy of the original file stored. Maybe you will learn that there is a better way to crop and you will need it.

D like: Diorama

Dioramas are a great way to give your figure images a distinctive look. Everyone can take a photo from a figure in front of a plain, solid background but creat a little world around your character will make it more realistically.

E like: Equipment

Many people will tell you that the equipment doesn’t matter. To disillusion you: This is so not true. It might be no different if you shoot on Canon, Nikon, Sony or whatever but you can’t take a high quality photo by using a pocket cam or your cellphone and you can’t set a decent light by using a 60 watt bulb.

F like: Finish

In product photography it’s all about the finish of things. Some surfaces will be glossy, some will be semi glossy and some of them will be mate. Take care about the surface you shoot and adjust your light accordingly.

G like: Geometry

No one  wants a leaning figure. And with photos it’s similar: Watch about your lines and spaces. For example: If you like to center a subject do this exactly not only by eye.

H like: Highres.

Always take your photos in the highest quality your cam can provide to you. You can resize and zip them afterwards easily.

I like: Idea:

Everything starts with an idea. Before you take a photo of one of your figures, think about it. I like to do a little brain storming, thinking about for what does the character stand for our what is his purpose in the series. Maybe you can also think about, what the creator of the figure wanted us to tell. Or just thing about, what message should your photo delivery to the viewer.

J like: Jesus

Guess he still likes you, no matter how bad your pictures are.

K like: Keying

A nice way to pimp your photos is to key out some colors out or convert them into a b/w. But be careful, it’s an effect and like each effect it get dry if you use it to often.

L like: Light

The most important thing in photography! You can create a different look to one and the same scene by only change the light a bit. In anyway, try to avoid light that comes direct to the figure. Always use some kind of softboxes to soften your light an eliminate unnecessary reflections. If you don’t have a professional softbox to cover your flash, you can use some sheet of paper or a white fabric to reduce the light brightness.

M like: Measurement

Normally I only shoot figures taller than 1/10. Small figures like key chains or capsule figures maybe look good to your eye but if you want to take a photo of them they look really cheap and rough.

Ok, we are halfway done! HEY! Do you even listening to me!!! ARRR!!!

N like: Noise

To reduce the image gain you should keep your ISO speed low. Try to work with strong lights of flash lights to ensure a decent exposure time.

O like:  Old-School

Not only black and white is a great way to screen your pictures. A sepia tone for example can provide a vintage look. Pictures that are rounded by a white frame just might look like taken by an old Polaroid.

P like: Probs.

Probs are a great way to make your picture unique! If you can’t find the probs you looking for, think about to create them by your own. It’s fun and you can learn so much. Also it might by wisely to keep stuff that not be useful at the moment – but maybe you can use them for a set later on. But keep in mind to have a storage for all those things, otherwise your home will be messed.

Q like: Question

If you do not know how to solve a problem, don’t be shy to ask for help. Especially on the internet every question you can think about, already been asked. Search for a tutorial that give’s you the hint you need.

R like: Realistic

For me, I try to give my photos a realistic look. Coming to the idea that the figure be photographed just like a real person would.

S like: Spam

Do not spam your images over the internet! Take a few pictures but good pictures should be your motto. If you show dozens of pictures, showing the same figure over and over again only from slightly different positions, the viewer will get bored soon.

T like: Time

And I don’t talk about exposure time! Spend as much time as you can, to take your shoots. Perhaps it’s arduous but keep in mind that you only will do this for once. Your results will be much better if you spend a little more time to capture.

U like: Ugly Base

Do me a favor and if it’s possible, hide the figures base! The photo will look more realistically without a crappy round plate in it. There are many ways to cover bases. Just look on this picture from Raspberly we take. She doesn’t stand without here base – that’s for sure. But we cover it with the ground and clear the rest by the PC.

V like: View

The good thing about figure photography is that you can easily take shoots from above or from the frog perspective. Play around with the view and don’t be afraid to do an extreme angle – your figure won’t be angry if you catch here panties.

W like: Water

Did you ever thing about, including water into your compositions. Water is a great “working material”! Maybe you can place one of your figures into a small river and capture the water by a long exposure time to make it smooth. Or bring your swimsuit figures to the pool…..just an idea!

X like: X-treme

If it comes to ideas, they can’t be crazy enough. Always look for the big fish and don’t be afraid to try things no one ever try. My device is: Why take a photo, that was already taken hundreds of times.

Y like:…..Ok, I can’t figure out something good starting with Y

Z like: Zoom

For figure photos you will not need much focal lengths. Everything around 50 – 100mm will be good. If you want to get serious in product photography you might consider to buy a macro lense or some tilt and shift lense.

Ok, that wraps things up for today! Hope you enjoy our little guide and our Nendroide shoot. And since you made it this far, I will give you a clean version of the picture. You can write your own messages, notes or jokes on the blackboard.

See you next time!


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