It’s not a trick, it’s a Tsundere!


In my right hand there is nothing, in my left hand there is nothing and….abracadabra…poff…look what we get here: It’s a Tsundere.

And not just any Tsundere – no, a very special one. Perhaps the most “tsunderested” of them all! Louise from Zero no Tsukaima.

If you are not familiar with the term “Tsundere” than better listen to this explenation:

Tsundere describes a character (or person) who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time. The word is derived from the terms “Tsun Tsun”  meaning to turn away in disgust, and “Dere Dere” meaning to become ‘lovey dovey’. As you can see it’s one of this Japanese slang words every serious otaku should know. Tsundere is a relative new world which describes characters like Taiga from Toradora, Shana from Shakugan no Shana or just our Louise. But do you remember the crazy girl who punched Keitaros face way to often called Naru Narusegawa or do you remember the red-haired, egocentric pilot of EVA-02? In this good old days the term “Tsundere” doesn’t even exist. But those characters where pretty much “Tsundere”. You see, Tsundere are everywhere.

For our shooting we wanted to highlight the magic moments in Zero no Tsukaima by place Louise in a Cylinder and add some smoke clouds:

This is good for two things: Fist we creat an image that highlights she is a magician and all that stuff and second we cover that big ugly pink colored base. Honestly:  ALTER did a really good job with the figure but they screw the base. Ok, for me every base is a “no go” at photography and normally it’s easy to remove them but this one gives us a challenge.  So the only way to make the base unseen was to cover it with smoke. What leads us to the next problem: How we can make smoke in our studio. I tried to creat some smoke clouds by using a water heater or a cigarette but the result was not good. It’s still to less smoke to make it visible on the picture. Than we thought about some fake smoke by using “magical equipment”. But this chemical reaction things are pretty expensive and you can’t control the effect very well. Than I came to the idea about a smoke machine that is used in clubs and “on stage”. I borrowed one from one of my friends and the result is simply amazing. If you choose a long exposure time the smoke will become smooth and cloudy. It went that well,  I thinking about buying my own smoke machine for photos and videos. Further more the cheap versions of those machineries are about 50-80 EUR (60-100 USD).

On this picture you can see how we directed the smoke to the hat. We simply creat a pipeline system. And our’s doesn’t leak – ha! Take this BP!

On this one, taken from further away you can overview the whole set. If you look on the final picture you may think there is a trick or something, but let me tell you:

It’s not a trick, it’s a Tsundere!

Reassurance: The smoke (Fluid) doesn’t harm the figure at any way. It is totally colorless and odorless. And with a small machinery like this one the  smoke doesn’t say long into our studio as well.


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