DreamTech´s Elyse 1/8


This time we will review the lovely Lesser Devil Elyse Figure from the Manga “Oretama” presented by DreamTech .

This review can be considered NSFW because of some Lesser Devil Boobies lol.

God i love this character ^~^

“Oretama”, or “My Balls” as most people know it in English is a pretty ecchi manga but its so much fun to read. I liked Elyse from the start cause shes pretty shy for a little devil. and a tsundere kinda lol^~^

She is sculpted by Yozo Ogawa who did a pretty good job at catching her charm. There was a deluxe edition of this figure with transparent clothing and an additional “turned on” face but i got the regular cause the transparent parts looked kinda strange (and she doesn’t wear that much to begin with) thou i liked the bonus face.

The little wings on her head are kinda fragile so be careful when you put them on ^~^ I really like the details like the rosary and the little eye on her glove and i do love her horns.

Her choice of panties is pretty daring and the tail is just adorable.

In b4 DAT ASS lol

They even haven’t forgotten about her little pentagram on her back.

My only little worry is that she stands on one leg which is screwed onto the base, lets hope they did a good job with static and material so she wont become a leaning figure. The quality looks promising thou.

Since her top is removable lets take a look shall we? ^~^

Shes just too Cute ❤

I usually display mine with her top on but its just fun to know that shes made with alot of detail under it ^~^

That concludes our review of  Elyse^~^ if you like Oretama or just cute Devil girls she wont disappoint you.

Since i kinda suck at manga descriptions here is the description from ANN:
The Queen of Terror has been sealed away inside of Satou Kohta’s balls in order to prevent her from wreaking havoc around the world. However, all is not well in Kohta’s pants. A devil named Elyse has been sent to Earth to release the Queen from her unusual prison – at any cost. Elyse only has 30 days to make Kohta ejaculate in order to free the Queen. The future of mankind rests… on Kohta’s balls.

The plot is so stupid and hilarious at the same time and Elyse having no experience with man whatsoever makes it even funnier. If you’re in for a guilty little pleasure i can recommend it without a doubt.^~^


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3 Responses to “DreamTech´s Elyse 1/8”

  1. Sailor Barsoom Says:

    “who is that?”

    “That’s Elyse. She’s from My Balls!”

  2. Sailor Barsoom Says:

    [guest notices figure on shelf]

    “who is that?”

    [I begin to beam with pride[

    “That’s Elyse. She’s from My Balls!”

    [guest backs slowly towards the door, being sure not to make any sudden movements]

  3. Serena Na Says:

    I just finished the manga, loved it and I love elyse too! Epic figure ^^

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