Advancement through knowledge or “if your base is totally wrong….”


Now you might say: OK, you took mediocre photos of a Touhou figure on solid white background – but where is the good stuff!?

Fine, you ask about it – you get it. Hold your breath for the second part of our “Books & Knowledge” shooting…

Have you really thought we spend the whole day by taking only a few review pictures of the ferrets latest booty?  How dare you!

When everybody is out-of-town, celebrates the first of may (which is actual known as the international worker’s day) by drinking their free beer” at the price of  4 Euros we sneak into the empty studio and unleash the big lights.  Creating an image by setting the fabulous “Reinforce ZWEI” from ALTER on top of a couple of old books and adding two things, everyone will receive as present someday but never actual use them (a globe and a kitschy gold watch).  Since I figured out that this set is way oversized and my normal working station will not fit I decided to take this photo on a separate table by using a studio lightning. I also use my 16-35mm ultra wide-angle lense on full frame to cover up the whole area.  Since this was my fist try with that kind of setting I’m glad everything went fine and hopefully you like the outcome:

The special feature about the “Reinforce ZWEI” figure is that according to the series it’s almost a 1:1 figure.

If you want to know more about “Reinforce ZWEI” and here series “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS” please feel free to watch there first and second opening and support the original release:

Nanoha StrikerS 1st Opening – Secret Ambition

Nanoha StrikerS 2nd Opening – Massive Wonders

Ok, I guess that should wrap things up for today. Be sure to follow our blog. Our next figure-shooting is about “tricks & magic” –

don’t miss it!


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One Response to “Advancement through knowledge or “if your base is totally wrong….””

  1. ohkikaze Says:

    great job ^~^ i like how the props point out that shes that small in the series too

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