Griffon Enterprise’s Flandre Scarlet 1/8


I finally got my first Touhou figure from Griffon Enterprises, Flandre Scarlet!

Let’s take a look at our beloved “little Sister of the Devil”

Flandre is the Extra boss of the Danmaku (bullet hell) game “Touhou Koumakyou-Embodiment of Scarlet Devil”. She is the little sister of Remilia Scarlet the head of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Because of her unstable Personality and immense destructive power she was locked up in the basement of the mansion for nearly 500 years.

I fell in love with her at the first sight ^~^ I really love Zun’s Character Design’s. She is sculpted beautifully by I-con and you can see that he did his homework. Its just perfect from the Crystal wings to her Spear/Wand Lævateinn.

This beautiful wings are one of her biggest charm points ^~^

The expression suits the playful part of her very well, they even gave her a fang ^~^ well shes a Vampire after all.

I really love the transparent colorful crystals ^~^ The head of Lævateinn is awesome too.

You can even take a little peek at her bloomer’s (at own risk) the dynamic flow of the skirt and hair looks really great.

Her hat is detachable.

A detail i really like is the small metal name plate on her base in Romanji and Katakana.

Her insanity starts to show a little, we better finish this review…

If you like the Touhou Universe and you like Flandre this is THE figure to get right now. I can recommend it without a doubt, you won’t be disappointed. The only little thing i found was that the pin that holds Lævateinn in place in her hand was a little too long for the shallow hole in her hand and attaching it feels a little awkward but once its in it looks good. I will definitely try to get my hands on the other Griffon Enterprises Touhou figures as well!

To wrap this review up here are some Flandre related Videos ^~^

Flandre’s Boss Theme “U.N. Owen Was her?”

Video of the fight:

Awesome theme remix by the band Tanabata (god i LOVE this song!)


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3 Responses to “Griffon Enterprise’s Flandre Scarlet 1/8”

  1. edhutschek Says:

    If it’s the American dream comming from rags to riches, than the history of Touhou is without a doubt the “Japanese way of life”.

    Beside: Nice review!

  2. Sarrg Says:

    ZOMG Flandre *_* i only just got a litte pillow @maco2012! I guess it was really expensive!

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