Of course! I have read them all!


You may know people with a big library but never read a single page of them. All the books in the shelf just look impressive.

Well, Index definitive knows her grimoire.

Today we take a look at Kotobukiyas 1/8 PVC figure of Index from “Toaru Majutsu no Index” A girl who is forced and abused by the church to keep 103.000 forbidden magical books in their mind. The animated series which aired between October 2008 and March 2009 in Japan, containing twenty-four episodes and is bases on a Japanese light novel series written by Kazuma Kamachi and illustrated by Kiyotaka Haimura.

I bought this real good-looking figure at one of our local merchandise distributors (Planet Japan). She is about 20 cm tall and came with a little kitteh, a nun styled headscarf and a round, light blue colored base. Her pose looks like she is walking around and a gust of wind  blows through her clothes.

For all of the fan service guys out there: Yes, you can totally remove the robe until you see noting more than her underwear. Sweeeet :3

Ok, what did we know: We got a non, books are a topic, wind blows and on the inlay of the package we can see printed feathers. Later I learned from Ohki, that in the series, feathers are an important topic too – but they are affected negatively. I doesn’t care because they look cool and I definitely want to take a picture with motion things.

The cleaning stuff doesn’t like the feathers either ! Why? Did you ever made a pillow fight and one of your pillows break? Then you might can imagine how the studio looked after the shooting. But like I say: I doesn’t care 🙂

Ok!  Think I’ve talked enough, here is the picture I made:

As you can see, I put an old styled shelf with books and some other pieces in the background.  Than I took a fan and blow some feathers from left to right.

And here a view pictures from the working place:

The books are all handmade by myself and showing the cover of an old issue of the Brockhaus Enzyklopädie – a German-language encyclopedia published by Brockhaus.

A view from above, where you can see one of the books opened.

A view from a distance point where you can see how the set is built.

I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I do.  ^_^  and please visit my  flickr account for more pictures.


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2 Responses to “Of course! I have read them all!”

  1. ohkikaze Says:

    Great job! its so insane that you actually made the little books yourself ^~^ i really like this figure of index, i think i will try to pick her up too someday if i find her again.

  2. Yoshiyuki Says:

    Yeah! This really have the image of the 103.000 magical texts of Index Librorum Prohibitorum^^. Nice!

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