Holy grails – hard to find, easy to make!


As promised, we got a little surprise for all BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER fans out there.

We took “Goodsmiles” figure and put into a fancy set, showing a field of destruction.

Et voilá, and this what we get as our reward.

A few comments from the creator:

Did you remember Ohkis review about the “Black Rock Shooter” figure? You may notice that the base is very cool but not nearly as large as this one. I’m a photographer who take photos from figures, and so I hate bases!  Why? Thats simple to explain. A base protect the figure from falling but on a picture she look extremely ugly. Even if some higher quality figures comes with theme bases it still robs us the illusion of a person, standing around into a wide field. I love figures who stands by itself. But only a few will do this. And for our example, the Black Rock Shooter will not!

So what to do? I decided to enlarge the base. Sounds pretty cool eh!? But how am I supposed to do that? Buy a couple of “Black Rock” figures and chop their bases into pieces? At the price of around 100 EUR (140 USD) each, not a wise decision.  So I went to our local hardware store and found a couple of  tilting who are in the same color and size as the one on the original base. Than I only need some stones for the ground and already I’ve everything together to create a fake base around the original one. Honestly I was surprised how good the result looked. It looked that good, that we leave the base at it was in the picture and move it into the shelf.

Beside the base I add some chains and two beams to give it a more chaotic look. The background is a ribbed glass pane in front of a fabric. While we take the picture, we sway the glass pane up and down. In this way we avoid reflections from the lamps and create this rain storm look. To enhance this look I add those heavy rain, falling on the ground and all other edges. So far this is the only thing I add with PS.

If you don’t believe me now: Here some pictures I take some pictures from the set:

Confused by the blue background? You’re right, we can’t see it in the final shoot but, and this is a cool hint: Use a color for the background that is near by the main color of the image you want to take. This will help you to control the color temperature and reflections more effective than other background colors.

As you can see, I only work with a couple of lamps and no flash. They give a soft light and are easy to control.

Beside, If you are wondering about the title: I only want you to show how easy you can create a cool looking picture by using nothing than you ideas and a few of cheap materials.  Moreover, at the construction work to this picture we use a mini grinder, but the working material was stronger than the tool and grind us a grinding stone to the shape of a holy grail.

I hope you like the picture, as much as I like it.

My next project will include books. Many books! Guess what it will be. (and no, it’s not about R.O.D. ^^)


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3 Responses to “Holy grails – hard to find, easy to make!”

  1. Gharon Says:

    Awesome picture, looks very professional. Keep it up! ^^

  2. Persocom Says:

    very cool and interesting how you made the shot, really turned out awesome. Those tiles look natural. Thanks for the tips!

  3. donsenilo Says:

    An ingenious work with the light ^^

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