Goodsmile Company’s BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER 1/8


I finally got my hands on Goodsmile’s Masterpiece BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER! This is the first figure review where Edi and I joined forces and i have to say the pictures are excellent! Glad to have him in the team^~^

But see for yourselves…

BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER is an original character of the artist HUKE, the figure is based upon the artwork above and brilliantly sculpted by Akeji.

With base shes about 28cm tall. Shes much bigger than i first expected when i saw her. The amount of detail and craftsmanship on this figure are just stunning, from the flow of the hair to its vibrant colors its a masterpiece no figure collector should miss.

Her coat seems to float behind her and the detail on the folds and the flow of the fabric is just beautiful. You can also see the big white star on her back.

I also love the pattern and “used look” of her giant ROCK SHOOTER. There is also a second edition of her with the BLACK BLADE but for me the giant gun is one of her main charm points.

One of her most spectacular features is the transparent blue flame over her left eye which is fixed to her hair. She also comes with a second set of hair without the flame but i like her much better with it. ^~^ Notice the small details like the little white star on her chest, the metallic zipper line and the little ribbon on her bikini top.

The big scars on her belly and underneath her chest just adds to the uniqueness of the design. You wonder how she got them. There is an BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER OVA coming out very soon so we will maybe see how it happened.

Her tights look nice and soft. ^~^

I also really like the “chess board” pattern on the panels of her base, some of them are cracked and it overall gives you the feeling of an collapsing road or building. The base is pretty big and massive and has some weight to it. Its very nice because you don’t have to fear that she would fall easily. Shes is fixed to the base by three pins, two in the left foot and one in the right which hold her in place very well.

I also like the design of the Box ^~^

Now its time for a little Character background information! ^~^

She is an original design by HUKE and contrary to popular believe not another version or redesign of Hatsune Miku.

This mistake is based on the Music video that HUKE produced with Ryo of the band Supercell, using the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku voice for the song.

I just love the song^~^

Here are HUKE’s official website and Pixiv Page in case you like his style as much as i do.

The BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER OVA is coming out this Spring so keep an eye out for it! The trailer promises awesomeness! ^~^

That’s all for the first Akibaferret Figure reviews MK2, i hope you enjoyed it! I want to thank my Co-Host Edi again for the awesome pictures! Cant wait for the next time. ^~^

We also have a little surprise in our sleeves for all BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER fans out there, so be sure to check out the Website in the near future!

See you next time!


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2 Responses to “Goodsmile Company’s BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER 1/8”

  1. Iphigenia Says:

    Great work! Nice photos… Soft tights indeed. ^^

  2. edhutschek Says:

    “We also have a little surprise in our sleeves”

    Indeed! Just let me shoot the RAW’s through my PC (haha..shoot – did you get it!) and see what happen.

    The final pic and my point of view should be hosted in the middle of this week.

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