The history of the heat!


The new “Die Con ist heiß” DVD about the Connichi 2009 is on the start.  But what exactly is “DCIH”, and how has it all begone?

Learn more about the famous video project of big German Conventions.

Since I was able to hop on German Conventions, I take my video camera and filmed what going on there.  The first time I do this was in 2003. It was my very first international Convention and I was so excited: Standing right there with a brand new cam, the crazy amount of three hours tape and no plan what’s going on.

Looking back to these days, I can’t belive how small it all began. Back in 2010, I went to these Events with several camcorders, filmed in high-definition, use dozens of tapes and spend more than a half-year to creat the DVD.  At the right side you can watch a couple of cover’s from 2005 to 2008 and the picture on top is from the actual DVD. There were also DVDs in the years 2003 and 2004 but those are so bad in quality, I don’t even save a picture of them. Further more, the label “Die Con ist heiß” just started in 2005.

You may ask: Why “Die Con ist heiß” or what does this mean? Well, perhaps you remember this gaming show called “The price is right”. It was a gaming show to advertise products and they negate the terms of “showing commercials on tv”. In the nineties this was a very common thing on TV. The German edition of this show called “Der Preis is heiß” was hosted by a guy named Harry Wijnvoord. One day a friend of mine said that because of my haircut I look like Harry Maison (from Silent Hill). Somehow we came from Harry Maison to Harry Wijnvoord, from gaming show to conventions and soon “Die Con ist heiß” (eng. The Con(vention) is hot) was born.

The setup of the first DVD in 2005 was really close the game show but over the years the style of presentation changed a lot. Today, only the old logo, the main theme from the “price is right” and my alter ego Harry Wijnvoord is still the same. In recent years, more and more people joining the production and more and more copies were distributed. To to break up the DVD a little bit (German conventions can be a little long-winded) we add a couple of funny things to it, like parodies of tv-commercials, fun-dubbing and short stop motions films created with Lego figures customised to real life people including their own voice.

The last thing we invented is a new format called “Edi Late Night Christiansen”. It is my personal late night show and the format of the future: Late evening we invite guests and chat about our impressions of the event. Also we share our plans and intentions  for tomorrow to the audience.

If I have aroused your interests in “Die Con ist heiß” you can watch the trailer of “Harry W. unleashed” about the Connichi 2009 in Kassel. On my YouTube channel you can also watch other trailers and older brick movies from the previous DVD’s – but caution: most of them are in german language.

And if you want to join our next video project, feel free to come to the Connichi 2010 in Kassel, Germany from the 10. to the 12. September and looking out for our KREW.


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3 Responses to “The history of the heat!”

  1. ohkikaze Says:

    I love your annual Convention DVD’s! Pure Awesomeness haha ^~^

  2. Yoshiyuki Says:

    That was really great what you have created^^
    edit: I want the tsubasa cos!!!!!!

  3. Sarrg Says:

    yeah 東方萃夢想 ~saigetu~ i just love this song!!!

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