Moehaku 2010


This month the new annual Moehaku 2010 show opened its gates for the first time in the Makuhari Messe Convention Center to astonish fans of Itasha (Decorated cars), Itancha (motorcycles) and Itachari (bicycles) alike.

Who the hell made a picture of whats going on inside my head and made an itasha out of it?!

Watch your bra Yoko! ^~^

I love this one ❤

Gotta love the little details^~^

This cars design and colors are just gorgeous.

To the Nagisamamobile!

Insert lame overused “2nd hand” joke here.

I spot an additional N ^~^

Its rare to see some Range Murata stuff on Itasha

I wonder why the tend to just mirror the image on the other side.

Looks like the tour bus of the light music club^~^

Epic number plate.

I really cant get enough of this Itasha, if i would have a license my car would look like that too.

Lets move on to the Itancha and Itachari!

Be a cute biker with this Kudryavka bike!^~^

Using the free Dakimakura cover that came with the G´s Festival New Years box as a seat is quite interesting, i prefer her on my wall thou^~^

I really have to order that yellow sticker from Cospa!

Its pink and yes, i would ride it.

I like the concept for this cycle.

Yes its the same one as in the picture above.

Yay Rin and Len Cycle^~^

He even made a mini one, i wonder it its Figma sized^~^

Coming with an awesome custom Water bottle as well.

I want a 501st Striker Wing cycle…

The little wings are a very nice touch.

Wasn’t that awesome? But you know, what would a Japanese Anime related event be without the Cosplayers? ^~^

The body it pretty close to Yoko.

Not Shana’s shoes >.<


Nostalgia anyone?

I like this Yuki ^~^

Lisa~~ i still want a figure of her

Really nice Reimu ^~^

One of the best Nell Cosplayers i saw till now^~^

That was the Moehaku 2010, looked like a real fun even i wish i would have been there personally T.T

You can find more about the event on its japanese main site

I hope you liked the article, it got me really pumped up about Itasha, and since i dont own a car i will try to persuade Edi use his haha


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6 Responses to “Moehaku 2010”

  1. Iphigenia Says:

    Great piece! Love the bikes! w00tga!

  2. Steak Says:

    Nice writeup. Looks like an exciting event! Love the pics! Nice job!

  3. edhutschek Says:

    Without a doubt definitely nicer than the motorshow in Geneva or Vienna.
    I would like to convert my own car into an Itasha, but I’m afraid once done, I would not be able to drive with it anymore – to much fear about accidents and theft.

  4. Schu Says:

    and which car will be yours 😛

  5. Yoshiyuki Says:

    little busters bike !!!!!!oO KUUUUUDDD!!!!!
    and nice cosplays too^^

    (P.S: I want play kudwafter!!!!!!!! *cry*

  6. donsenilo Says:

    That would be a mad idea for my next car ^^

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