Hello everybody! I’m edhutschek(edi) the new co-host on Akibaferret!

The blog seamed pretty bedraggled in the last few months and it was definitely time to call for some reinforcements.

My friend ohkikaze and I – we are both stuck in a big dilemma.  He got all the nice stuff incoming (I mean really, his place is looking like a freaking   wonderland made out of figures and Japanese magazines) but only has a crappy camera and I got all the cool gadgets but not enough money and space left to buy high quality figures.

So, what to do? We learned from nature, the best way to cooperate is a symbiosis.

You will ask: “What can I expect in the future?”

Well, Ohki and I decided to help each other out – he will provide me with PVC-figures, Figmas, Nendoroids and other cool things straight from Japan and I will give my best to make some awesome pictures of them.

You may notice from my introduction-picture that my photographer style is more than like
a plain review style with a white background. My favorite work flow is: Spot a figure, select a theme, create all the needed props, play around with light and scene layout and take a picture that is more like a painting. Inimitable and distinctive.

Of course I will do some review stuff also to show you all the nice booty the ferret will get into his den.

Further more we plan to create some short video clips.
Video clips from local conventions and tutorials how we made our pictures – because: Everyone loves tutorials!

So stay tuned for further updates and new posts!


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2 Responses to “R E I N F O R C E M E N T”

  1. Ohkikaze Says:

    Welcome Edi ^~^
    Thank you for becoming my co-host, im looking forward to a lot of fun ^~^

  2. Schu Says:

    Welcome :)Chii-chan 😛

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