Magical Tsundere booty ^~^


I finally got my sweet Louise from Alter together with some cute small stuff ^~^

I really wanted her since i like “Zero no Tsukaima” and her presentation is really dynamic.

The “floating” pose is great and the cape holding up the body is sculpted beautifully. The only little drawback is the actual pink base, i wish they would have chosen a less “cheap” look or make it partly transparent. But you cant really see it under the nice cape anyway.

The paint job and details on her are stunning ❤

And Louise even gives us a little pantsu service lol

Since its from Alter its a bit on the pricey side but if you love Louise and Zero no Tsukaima i can recommend this figure without a doubt, you wont be disappointed ^~^

The next item is Meracle from the “Star Ocean: The last Hope” Trading Arts set from Square-Enix. I picked her up cause its the only figure of her available right now but i have to say its a little underwhelming. Firstly they chose the “new” Prudestation 3 look for the figure so goodbye sexy kitty panties and hello regular pants (in fact they only colored her tights between panties and stockings the same purple its really stupid >.<) The overall quality of the sculpting and coloration is way below other Square-Enix Trading arts too, i wonder what happened there.

Well since its Meracle i still like her but a little more quality wouldn’t hurt since its one of the more expensive box figure sets with its 13€ over here. I think i will go for Lymle as second but i don’t know if i want the full set yet.

And last but not least little swimsuit Yuki here^~^ They are having a Christmas special at Planet Japan right now where you can pick a little present if you’re buying stuff for 20€ or more. Couldn’t not pick her hehe


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2 Responses to “Magical Tsundere booty ^~^”

  1. edhutschek Says:

    na geh…warum hast keinen chibi manga genommen. XD
    du kennst ja mein motto: irgendein tisch wackelt immer und der nächste winter kommt bestimmt.

  2. Token Says:

    Wow, bin durch Zufall hier gelandet und bin echt neidisch auf deine ganzen Sachen *__* Have to stalk this blog 8D

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