Birthday Spoils part 2 ^~^



Its been a while since my birthday was and i got some late (but not less awesome) presents ^~^

birthday2-1My friend Edi got me this 4 sweet Touhou Doujinshi from the last Connichi.

birthday2-4And from my friends Sascha and Natascha from the Planet japan i got 2 awesome figures ^~^

birthday2-5I really liked Reinfore zwei at Nanoha StrikerS shes so cute^~^ First time i saw the figure at the shop i really wanted it but couldn’t afford it and the it got sold. When i wanted to order it again later it was out of stock already so i was a little sad, but they really surprised me and managed to get her again for me ^~^

birthday2-6Shes from Alter and from the same series as the Teana Lanster i got this Birthday too.

birthday2-2I also got this Hilarious cute Nendoroid of Pixel Maritan from them^~^



birthday2-8lol i love this face

birthday2-10And she even comes with a Bazooka lol look at the little sandbag barrier ^~^


Thank you very much for the awesome presents Edi, Sascha and Natascha!!!

Oh and if anyone don’t know who Maritan is, shes from a Moetan parody, very foul Engrish haha here is a vid

And yes its all Full Metal Jacket quotes lol

Since shes my second Nendoroid i hope she gets along well with Shana ^~^

birthday2-11OH SHI—


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