Ferret´s Booty Birthday Aftermath ^~^


Birthday bannerIm finally home and could celebrate my Birthday properly on Saturday and Sunday, and i got a lot of awesome stuff ^~^ Check it out!

Birthday 01I finally got my 1/4 40 cm Konata!!!

Birthday 02

Birthday 03I put my Konata Figma next to her so you get a feeling on how big she is^~^ She is without a doubt the empress of my figure collection now.

Birthday 05Nice Shimapan Kona-chan haha, her cloth are made of real fabric and are very well sewn, i already saw they will sell her other outfits separately soon too like the cheerleader one or her winter seifuku, gotta get them too. Im already thinking about sewing some cosplays for her haha i bet thats alot of fun.

Birthday 06Next we got the gorgeous Teana Lanster 1/7 figure from Alter. Shes from the anime Nanoha StrikerS.

Birthday 07Shes also really well made and i love her action pose ^~^

Birthday 08

Birthday 09They even included 2 extra arms with the 2nd form of her Weapon, “Cross Mirage”: Dagger Mode

Birthday 10

Birthday 11From my friend Chang i got this cute little Konata, but its not a simple little figure…

Birthday 12ITS AN 4GB USB STICK! haha^~^ thats just too awesome

Birthday 13She even came with her own little seat to conveniently plug her in with a cable^~^

Birthday 14From my friend Ace i got a Cellphone strap Kendo helmet and a training sweatband^~^ I will participate in his martial arts training sessions soon.

Birthday 15From my friend Randolf i got this very cool book from Haruki Murakami ^~^ I really love his Novels cause he always creates Surreal dreamworlds right next to everyday life.

Birthday 16From my older little sister Melanie i got this cute Toradora mug ^~^

Birthday 17Well to be honest, i picked it out myself since she isn’t really into my hobbies haha^~^

Birthday 18And last but not least, i got this awesome Webcam from my younger little sister Anika^~^ I already use it a lot for Skype^~^

This was the Aftermath of an awesome birthdays booty. I hope you liked it, i know i love it haha^~^



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3 Responses to “Ferret´s Booty Birthday Aftermath ^~^”

  1. DonSenilo Says:

    Envious !!

  2. edhutschek Says:

    hope your worldpress thing got an edit button.

    there is still someting realy nice on my desk with your name tag on it.

    guess i will see you tomorrow!

    • ohkikaze Says:

      haha cant wait to see what it is ^~^ it has a edit button but theres nothing wrong with a part 2 post either^^

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