Reporting from the Akibaferret Outpost in Bad Gleichenberg


akibaferretoutpostTwenty days to go till my stay at the health resort is over and im fighting with my equipment again T.T I brought tons of anime series on a usb hard drive but the laptop i borrowed is so weak that i cant watch 90% of the stuff i brought what drives me nuts. Well i managed to build a little otaku outpost in the hotel room so its kinda comfy ^~^ I also use the time to polish my Danmaku skills with the Touhou games i brought. At least the food here is very good^~^


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5 Responses to “Reporting from the Akibaferret Outpost in Bad Gleichenberg”

  1. songochang Says:

    nice to see that you are ok

    • ohkikaze Says:

      yeah im ok^~^ it just gets really boring lately

      • Sarrg Says:

        Really? I’ve never get bored when i can play touhou (and i don’t think playing it is really healthy). And kinda stupid that you can’t watch those anime, well then you have to read some Manga or listing to alot of music (helps for me). Anyway, i hope the 17 days pass fast for you.

  2. Sat Says:

    Also, you misspelled Akiba 😛

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