Magazine flood and some figures! ^~^


sample_4e1f911d674fd2284e75e4966c2afc0e88d43633I had the chance to gather some nice stuff since the aninite so its time for another “the ferret´s booty” ^~^

102_5563Since i have to go to a Health resort for a whole month on the 17th September (hooray for celebrating my birthday with a bunch of 60+ year old´s >.<) i had to make sure i have enough to read (actually look on and use for reading practice) while boredom silently NOMs away my senses. Good that i found lots of lovely Japanese magazines (which i will buy monthly now)

102_5564Here we have the new issues of the G´s Magazines. This magazine is what i would call an all-rounder ^~^ It has info for new anime series, games, eroge, interviews and even travel tips inside japan based on locations in anime or games. It has about 305 pages, half full-color, half black and white, The black and white half is made of what i think are “special” manga chapters of various series and games. They also always come with specials like phone straps or figures.

102_5565This is the Dengeki Hime Magazine ^~^ Its specialized on new Eroge (adult videogames) and that’s why its 18+. As someone who likes eroge but doesn’t live in japan this magazines are very helpful to see what new games are about to get released. There is a article for each game with an introduction of every character and even some fold out posters. The Dengeki Hime also comes with specials like figures ^~^

102_5567Here we have one of my favorite new magazines, the Dengeki Hobby Figure Maniacs Magazine and the new issue of the Megami magazine. I already told you about the megami magazine before so lets talk about Figure maniacs. For a figure collector like me its like a book full of “OMG I WANT THAT!!!” lol. It shows new figures which are about to be released and even some uncolored prototypes (with faces added in photoshop). They also have articles about how to customize or pimp your figures and some curious funny guides like the “how to make the angel Israfel from evangelion out of mince meat” cooking guide lol

102_5568And last but not least the new G´s Comic Festival, with its about 610 pages its the phone book under the magazines haha. The little boxes underneath are the bonus figures of the other magazines, but the comic festival came with its own awesome extra as well^~^

102_5578Another dakimakura (hug pillow) cover, this time from to heart 2.

102_5570I also really love the danmaku (bullet curtain shooter) game Touhou and my pal Pingo was able to order this nice folders from japan for me^~^ The aki sisters are cute and “TEAM⑨” is pure win! I hope i get some of my favorites Suika, Tewi, Chen and Orin soon too.

102_5571I also got a sheet of lucky star paper with envelopes to write letters haha

Now lets move on to the figures^~^

102_5574This 4 figures were all magazine extras^~^ the one in the dress is from tsukihime and the 3 other girls are from “to heart2” the funny thing about the to heart 2 figures is that its a set that is separated in different magazines (i almost have them all haha) and all are “naked apron” style^~^

102_5566I also got 2 lovely new Figma and 4 Little Busters Box figures ^~^

102_5575Tsukasa and Shana are so cute i really love Figma^~^ Expect more pictures of them in the future.

102_5569The little Busters Figures are also adorable^~^ i try to get the whole set together soon

102_5579The Little Busters poster of Rin Natsume i got at the Aninite is finally on my wall too

102_5572I also went to the Japanese Grocery store in Vienna called Nippon-ya and bought some cool snacks and drinks. The tin bottle on the right is a “Grape jelly juice” and yes it feels like drinking jelly, i love it haha. The bag in the middle is a salty snack made out of peas, i think the mascot is hilarious^~^ and on the left is one of my new favorites, its cream melon soda, its like drinking a mix of soda and yogurt with melon flavor, very refreshing.

102_5573The cream melon soda even had a One Piece print with Usopp and Chopper^~^

So that’s all for this times ferret´s booty hope you liked it.


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6 Responses to “Magazine flood and some figures! ^~^”

  1. DonSenilo Says:

    I do not get them here in kärnten -_-
    I Want some too !!

  2. DonSenilo Says:

    cool ^^
    Thank’s ^^

  3. DonSenilo Says:

    Very nice ^^

  4. Token Says:

    Lucky you *_* So many nice stuff! ❤ That cream melon soda sounds so good, too!

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