AniNite 2009



This weekend was the “AniNite” in Vienna, the biggest Anime convention in Austria. I was part of the crew as Security again like every year and it was much more fun than the last 2 years ^~^.

This year we got a new location, a school near Floridsdorf which was awesome. The only “bad” thing was the stage cause it was a little too small.

Raumplan-Nite09_grossHere is  a Room plan of the convention^~^ as you can see it was roughly split in 3 Malls, the Media Mall the Otaku Mall and the Culture Mall but enough with the theory lets look at the real thing ^~^.






Convention Polonaise lol



102_5460Xen and Chang on stage ^~^

As you can see the hall was pretty nice ^~^ Now lets take a look at the various Rooms where you could hang out.

102_5466The Videogames Room. This was pretty fun they even had a big screen with a beamer to play on.

102_5465And i finally got a chance to try out the US version of “Blaz Blue”, a new 2D Guilty Gear style Beat em Up for PS3 and XBOX360. I cant wait for it to become available here.  (the US has Japanese Voices yay^~^)

taokakaThe main reason i want the game is Taokaka^~^ Shes way too awesome! I also participated in a tournament but got mashed in the first round cause Taokaka is pretty hard to play lol.

102_5467There also were 2 Dance Dance Revolution Rooms. My joints aren’t what they used to be so no DDR for me.

102_5473The drawing and reading room. It was almost full every time i checked ^~^.

102_5507I even had time to draw a little Unagi in my fried Maxime´s Con-Hon^~^ (Shameless add included lol)

102_5435This is the “Maid Bar” and Catering room. It was very nice that the drinks were free for crew members, they saved my life more the once this weekend cause the first day was scorching hot >.<

102_5434Here you could buy very yummy Burgers, Hot Dogs and other stuff. There was also a stand that sold sushi and Asian food.

Too bad i couldn’t take pictures of everything because of my duty as security but i tried to cover as much as i could^~^ Next is the Otaku Mall with its various Merchant stands^~^ A great way to get totally broke haha

102_5483My friends from Planet Japan had their own stand^~^

102_5482My pal Seiya also had one for his shop “Anime Town Vienna” ^~^

102_5457Here is the shop “Collectors Corner”

102_5458This stand had awesome stuff last year but kinda disappointed me this year but whatever^~^

102_5499This one was pretty cool ^~^ They sometimes did a spontaneous Kanji Quiz. You could also buy Japanese sweets there. I got a bag of Umeboshi (pickled plum) candy, its salty and sour but still tastes like sweet plum.

102_5517At one stand i saw this awesome 1/1 replication of the Red Queen from Devil May Cry 4 which was very expensive but i was lucky enough to find the guy that bought it and made him unpack it so i could take a picture^~^ If you read this, thank you very much!

102_5484The Austrian Doujinshi publisher “Watashi wa Manga” was here too.

And while we are talking about Merchants and stuff to buy, of course i picked up some treasures too^~^

ARR its booty time matey!


I got the Megami Magazines Volume 111 and 112, a volume of the adorable kitten manga anthology “Nekopanchi”, a little Shakugan no Shana Box figure and the 3rd volume of the manga Gekkoh and the Saber Marionette R DVD which were both presents^~^ I also got berserk volume 33 from a friend who won it and didn’t wanted it.


Little Shana is so adorable^~^

102_5523I also made the mistake and bought a obvious Konata Nendoroid Fake second hand from a girl i knew, but it was really cheap so no harm done. I only underestimated how bad her quality was when i checked her… there are 3 stands included: the chair, a clam for her waist and the same kind of  “shove it under her skirt” holder my original Shana has. First of all little Konata likes to fall apart very easily and everything except the chair is made for another figure so it doesn’t fit at all. If you don’t have a original Nendoroid already make sure you get a real one as your first, the fake ones suck so bad it will scare you away from Nendoroid forever. It was the first time i was so frustrated with a figure that i didn’t place her like i wanted but instead like it was working without falling into pieces (thou it was the pose on the box). Well shes still pretty cute when you don’t touch her haha but by far no match to my Shana Nendoroid.

102_5554I also was lucky enough to get get my hands on this here^~^ Its an licensed original print from a page of the death note manga. The only way to get one as far as i know was buying an over 350€ Box set with a figure, a art book and various original prints but the stand where i bought it had it for ages and no one wanted to buy it (well i guess there were enough who wanted but couldn’t afford it) so they decided to sell the stuff separately. There were many pages and color prints to choose from but this is one of my favorite pages in the manga, Lights “just as planned” smirk on this panel is pure evil ^~^ I got it with a frame so i could hang it in my apartment properly.  (“L” cosplayers more than once gave me an evil eye for running around with it lol)

band_banner09tourThere also were 2 concerts of  “Celestia Le ciel & Merveille Magique” which were interesting ^~^ Not completely my kind of music but i kinda liked it. They were really nice too i had to lead then to the stage and guard it during the concert.

102_5459I’m very interested in Youkai and Kami (Japanese demons and gods) so the outfits of the two made me curious^~^ I had a chance to ask them what inspired the outfits and as i thought they were made after the two White Kitsune (fox) messengers of Oinari-sama (Shinto God/Goddess of Rice and Food)

Here is a link to their myspace page if you want to know more about the band^~^

But what would be a convention without Cosplayers running around everywhere? This time i made so many cosplay pictures that i will make a separate post for it and try out the gallery option^~^

I really enjoyed the AniNite this year and i hope i could show you a little bit of the fun you could have there. I’m looking forward to the next year already ^~^

And lastly greetings to my fellow security members ^~^ sorry that i was a little late for appointments sometimes when i took pictures or bought stuff lol


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4 Responses to “AniNite 2009”

  1. DonSenilo Says:

    If ther is a Need for more Photo’s Jast say it and Is send you some !!

  2. DonSenilo Says:

    Mail or Email ??

  3. sarrgo Says:

    Lol i’m on 2 photo’s, that’s pretty much^^. And yeah i will buy BlazBlue too (even if i got owned by V-13 in the 1st Round :<)

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