AniNite 09 Cosplay Gallery ^~^


cosplay banner

The Cosplayers this year were awesome, so many detailed costumes,  accessory and weapons ^~^

Here are the pictures i made, Enjoy^~^

My favorite this time was the Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, even the Gun was perfect^~^

Hope you like them as much as i did ^~^


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10 Responses to “AniNite 09 Cosplay Gallery ^~^”

  1. DonSenilo Says:

    Thet was fun ^^
    And the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Cosplay was one of the best !!

  2. songochang Says:

    nice *____*
    nef and Haruhiism are damn sexy ^^

  3. Pingo Says:

    ohki is so awsome, he is own pics XD
    I wish i can make so nice pics -.-‘

    • sarrgo Says:

      As he always said: “Thats the advantage of being a Security Guy” XD
      I had to write that down ^^ Anyway, if you are like me who as a shitty Camera, which mess up every picture i want to take, then i know what you mean :<

  4. sarrgo Says:

    ^^ yeah the yoko one is rly one of the best. BTW: Edu as Chiyo-chan is so MOEMOE THAT I’M GONNA DIE ^-^

    • ohkikaze Says:

      yeah too bad i couldnt do that tadakichi-san cosplay with him this year^^ that was a funny idea

      • sarrgo Says:

        That would be really hilarous. Well maybe next year (i will atleast try to make my cirno cosplay for the next Year Conventions, but i guess i should loose some weight XD)

  5. Amyy Says:

    Die CON war echt nett, aber hat mich dieses Jahr nicht so sehr bewegt..leider!

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