My new MMO obsession, LaTale ^~^


latale bannerSome days ago my friend Sat invited me to the new free MMO LaTale Europe by Aeria Games. I really got hooked and having a lot of fun with my Wind Wizard. Let me Introduce her to you…

SPSCF0002This is my little Yumitan ^~^ isn’t she adorable? I even got a Cash shop pet from a friend ingame and its a little ninetails. The system is like a mix of rpg and jump and run like maple story for example.

SPSCF0003In this game you have to learn your emotes from books monsters drop rarely, this is my funniest right now haha.

SPSCF0005Here is Yumitan in action^~^  Slaughtering Silk Worms with her mighty wind spells! lol

SPSCF0001Here i found a Goblin King when i was lvl 14… it was crazy strong and scary…

SPSCF0007Here is a screenshot of the Fashion shop where you can buy various stuff with points you have to pay for (like in every other free MMO). This is what my pet will look like when she becomes lvl10 haha, who wouldn’t want a cute ninetails girl as a pet? ^~^

Here is the Japanese trailer for you to enjoy ^~^ i love the style and song

If you got interested in LaTale check out their website at

Download the client and see if you like it as much as i do^~^

and feel free to talk to me ingame under the name Yumitan haha


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5 Responses to “My new MMO obsession, LaTale ^~^”

  1. songochang Says:

    but i think its not supported by mac -.-

  2. Sat Says:

    No, especially as it’s using GameGuard and stuff. Too bad.
    Though if your mac is strong enough, it might run in a virtual machine or something.

    Nice post as usual, Ohki 😛
    See you ingame ^^

  3. Amyy Says:

    Ich finde, es ist ein total schönes und vor allem niedliches Spiel für zwischendurch ^^~

    Danke Ohki, für die vielen Infos zu dem niedlichen Game, ohne dich hätte ich es nie ausprobiert!

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